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heartofcooking Berkeley Springs, West Virginia
Creating new recipes, like creating new works of art, is one of my passions in life.  For... More
jeannied California
HI I am 72 years of age and have had P.MR. for 11 years now I am fed up with being on... More
sonyafly Riverside, California
I fell ill with what I now know is Lyme Disease.  I never remember being bitten by a tick... More
Doug S. California
I consider myself fortunate to have a pretty mild case of Psoriasis.  Still, I have been... More
Bryan Hutchinson Sacramento, California
After struggling through a painful childhood, a frustrating young adulthood, and a decade in... More

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Acupuncture is uniquely fantastic for helping patients get through the side effects of chemo and radiation.  In 1995 the National Institute of Health released a huge report on this, it made the cover story of Newsweek, US New
.  If you have a fever then running isn't a good idea because you'll be raising your core temp...
Paucis Verbis: Neutropenic fever in cancer patients by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor fairly well and a mild cough for 3 days. His vital signs are Temperature 39 C BP 160/80 HR 60 RR... on this patient? Answers: The patient's MASCC score is 5 (mild symptoms) + 5 (no hypotension) + 4 (no COPD...
YOU GIVE ME FEVER.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven to infection and increases the odds of survival. The new thinking is that mild fever can be a positive...:// A fever (also termed pyrexia) is a higher-than-normal body temperature...
Is there A Dietary Alternative To Battle Hay Fever? by Nick B. Patient Expert popping like it’s going out of fashion - no not the dreaded swine flu - it’s hay fever season! Hay fever... have also been found to have a mild anti-inflammatory effect. Lastly, don’t forget those herbal teas - try ginger or peppermint...
I awoke Friday with a low fever ... by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert I awoke Friday with a low fever and generally feeling run down. I was mildly congested and a little phlegmy. Doing due diligence, I left messages for my clinical APN and transplant doctor. My APN...
Dengue Fever Diagnostic Test Approved for Marketing by MedNews Patient Expert to help diagnose people with signs and symptoms of dengue fever or dengue hemorrhagic fever, a leading... fever include high fever, severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, joint pain, muscle and bone...
Fighting off Spring Fever by Dr. Daisy S. Doctor of Chiropracty in the beautiful sunshine and mild weather. You’ll notice that children start seeming absent minded, lazy, or... schedule, and avoiding crises situations can do wonders to alleviating spring fever issues. You’re not...
Dengue Fever by Corry C. Patient Expert I have heard a lot about dengue fever lately and after reading up on it, it seems to be rather similar to the West Nile Virus and yellow fever. Dengue fever is an infectious tropical disease...
Spring, pain, no fever by Jennifer J. Patient Expert of the best pain management options for mild, moderate and even chronic pain,” says Endres. “A primary goal...

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Symptoms ... pain in your lower abdomen , and mild fever (a high temperature between 37-38°C or 98.6-101.0°F). ... » Read on
Introduction ... are similar to those of a common cold, including a stuffy nose, mild fever and a cough. There is no medicine that can kill the v ... » Read on