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kbranciforte California
Hi!  My name is Kate, a 22-year-old soon-to-be college grad, living in New York City and... More
PinkLady59 California
I have been married twice. Divorced once and I'm now a widow. Have six boys, all of them grown.... More
Carter was born on March 27, 2009. We were surprised to learn that he had a cleft lip/palate and... More
ponderingpaty St. Paul, Minnesota
I come to Wellsphere intent on keeping my body as fit as is possible, my outlook positive, and... More
Lynn surprise, Arizona
Hi. I have had fibromyalgia for about 9 years. I now have developed some back issues, specifically... More

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Mild Concussion Isn't So Mild After All by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven in which the authors concluded that even mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), commonly referred to as a concussion, led..., I do believe we need to start paying more attention to what we label as a "mild" concussion. Follow...
The difference between concussion and mild traumatic brain injury by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert about the difference between concussion and mild TBI. Here’s what they have to say in the paper Retest Reliability... concussion from mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and post concussion syndrome (PCS). The model uses...
Mild TBI/Concussion Recovery Guide online by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert Just found this from Brain Injury Association of Michigan you might find it helpful: Recovering from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion
One concussion, two concussions, three concussions, four… by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert I had a meeting with my neuropsych last week, when we talked about my concussive history... ago. What came out of it was the determination that I’d had enough genuine concussions to do a fair...
Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Not So Mild After All by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert findings on the molecular mechanism at play in mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), commonly known as concussions, recently at the 2010 American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in San Diego...
Pink Lady: There are a few reasons: 1) Most of what you read about people with post-concussion syndrome or other labels for "mild brain injury" is only about people with a single injury. According...
Are we taking concussions seriously enough? by Kathy J. Patient Expert at McMaster. “Concussion seems to be less alarming than ‘mild brain injury’ so it may be used to convey....” But despite the benign terminology, a concussion is actually a mild traumatic brain injury...
Concussion information by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert is visible on a CT scan (CAT scan) of the brain. A mild concussion may involve no loss of consciousness... The term concussion describes an injury to the brain resulting from an impact to the head...
We need a plan for addressing concussion by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert Seriously. When it comes to handling concussion and mild traumatic brain injury... Plan (CRP) for responding to concussion: This would be an approach which, after a mild traumatic...
Guidelines for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) and Persistent Symptoms by Broken Brilliant Patient Expert Click the image to download the guidelines (156 pages - PDF) The Concussion Blog post.../concussion. The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation has produced “comprehensive, evidence-based, set...

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Symptoms ... such as rugby, boxing, ice hockey, and football. This can cause concussion and even brain damage. Even if the knock is not sever ... » Read on
Treatment ... nt for cranial diabetes insipidus If you have mild cranial diabetes insipidus, you may not need any medical tr ... » Read on