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Cord C. Atlanta, Georgia
A middle of the pack runner with a front of the pack mentality in search of the perfect run.
Nurse Lochia .. Middle of a Cornfield, Illinois
I am a wife, mother and labor & delivery nurse.  Life is pretty busy and trying to find a... More
Gunnar W. Ashland, Wisconsin
Just an average guy, with 2 beautiful daughters, 2006 & 2008. Try to stay busy learning,... More
sweetnika schaumburg, Illinois
I am a wife and mother, a woman following after Jesus, home educating her blessings, and trying to... More
RunDash Reston, Virginia
I am an avid 40 year old runner who is training for middle distance events. I use pool running as... More

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Chronic Ear Infections and Glue Ear by Dr. Daniel Kalish Doctor of Chiropracty to protect the middle ear from the many germs residing in the nose and mouth. Infection occurs... opening that easily clogs. Inflammation of the middle ear is known as “otitis media.” When infection...
Should my toddler have ear tubes inserted to prevent ear infections? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor infection.  2) Poor response to antibiotic for middle ear infection. 3) Impending mastoiditis or intra-cranial complication due to middle ear infection. 4) continuous fluid in middle ear (doesn't...
Ear infection meet ear drops. by Strapples Patient Expert [Translate] Me with the ear drops and a side ways head Alright so looks like my middle ear infection is solved. But theres another issue now, it looks like according...
I agree that this sounds like something more than an external ear infection. It could be middle or inner ear involvment or something else. For sure, I'd call the veterinarian and describe this change.
EAR INFECTIONS ~ A Natural Approach by Dr. David Trybus Doctor of ChiropractyHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine .  Another problem we see in kids, usually the younger ones, is ear infections.  If you have kids, you know... it, naturally. Most ear infections do not need antibiotics and yet that is the first thing parents ask...
Ear Infections - A link to Obesity??? by Dr. Sari Shepphird Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven . Researchers presented findings that children who suffer from repeated middle-ear infections, or otitis media..., runs from the tongue up through the middle ear and into the brain. If the middle ear is infected...
Dog’s Ear Infection Problem by heru m. Patient Expert . Is there anything else I can do to make him feel better? Answer: I suspect tha your dog suffers from a middle ear infection: - the original infection probably damaged the ar drum - the bath allowed water to penetrate the middle ear...
Ear Infections in Children by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook infections. In fact, ear infections are the most commonly diagnosed childhood illness in the United States, second only to the common cold. More than 75 percent of children will have at least one ear infection...
Childhood Ear Infections and ADHD: Why the link? by Nicolas I. Patient Expert of these is the high rates of ADHD and attentional difficulties in kids suffering infection of the middle ear (Otitis.... Here is what some of the literature has to say about the ADHD/ear infection connections: Relationship between middle ear infections...
5 Natural Remedies for Ear Infections (Acute Otitis Media) by Jennifer Lance Patient Expert behind the eardrum, which is called the middle ear. Ear infections are more likely to occur after a cold... infection, or allergy attack, the tube that connects the throat and the middle ear (eustachian tube) swells...

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Causes ... contributory factor in the development of otitis externa. Middle ear infection - if you have had a middle ear infection, s ... » Read on
Complications ... n acute ear infection as a result of the built up fluid. If the middle ear becomes infected with bacteria , it may cause pain an ... » Read on