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Lori Cee Brisbane, AU
I am 33 years old and received bilateral hip replacement surgery on 8th April 2010. Technically... More
maryclaire California
I was diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma in mid July and had a bilateral mastectomy on Aug... More
John Gunn California
I'm just a regular 40 year old guy trying to set a good example for my two young daughters and... More
I travel extensively for work and play. I explore new cities by running my way through... More
Chrystal G. California
Chrystal Getz is a working mom, wife, personal trainer, and aspiring writer. She is currently... More

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more then the right side  next to the belly button... i thought   :o ab!!??? then i realised no swelling... with a dul...
Try keeping a food journal, recording what you eat and how you feel.  if you notice a correlation, I would visit your doctor for a celiac blood test, to at least rule out the possibility.  I had similar symptoms, and I turned
of pain that radiate from the upper right abdomen.." She goes on to say, "...researchers advised...
and what your family physician is trained & allowed to do).   Abdominal swelling & discomfort accompanied...) can also present w/abdominal swelling & discomfort.  If he's had any type of abdominal surgery, then bowel adhesions...
A sculpted mid section is more than just nice to look at. by Richard S. Patient Expert benefits for having a strong ab section. Having a strong mid-section is beneficial for your back...
Salt & mineral imbalance can lead to muscle soreness & cramping.  Prolonged endurance-type exercise can bring this about.  So can some medications such as diuretics (used to lower blood pressure) and statins (used to lower ch
Well first of all, you have to realize that there is no such thing as spot-reducing. To really trim down your mid-section, you have to reduce your overall body fat percentage. The best way...
Equipment  The swelling began just in the triceps, but has now seemed to drain and cover from the mid-forearm to the triceps. It's been about a week now and the swelling hasn't gone down yet. The discomfort...
excessively at her abdomen after she used her box. Another cat had what turned out to be a fungal infection...
Avoiding Tummy Tuck Swell Hell. by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven Tummy Tuck “Swell Hell.” This refers to the tendency of patients after tummy tuck surgery to swell in the abdomen and flanks. It can last months, but planning can make it less severe or avoid it entirely...

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