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Paucis Verbis: Toxic alcohols - Methanol by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor ), this Paucis Verbis card focuses on methanol toxicity. Useful are the American Academy of Clinical...:208-225.  Pubmed   Jammalamadaka D, Raissi S. Ethylene glycol, methanol, and isopropyl alcohol...
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 42 – The dangers of Nebivolol… by Ron Patient Expert Nebivolol is a beta-blocker, so it’s probable that what I’m about to describe applies to other beta-blockers too (or perhaps not, as Nebivolol is apparently being looked at by the NHS, as you’ll see). Simply put, in COPD,
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 42 – The dangers of Nebivolol – addendum… by Ron Patient Expert I said yesterday that Nebivolol greatly impaired expectoration in COPD – it does far worse than that. I’ve found out why I feel so appallingly ill, and why my O2 saturation is running at around 90%. Nebivolol doesn’t just
Losartan preserves muscle mass, promotes muscle repair by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - Losartan, a commonly used blood pressure medication, not only improves regeneration of injured muscle b
Beta-blockers are history… by Ron Patient Expert Nebivolol (the beta-blocker), is out of my life. Not because the over-hyped respiratory problems – they just didn’t happen – but simply, for me, at least, because it’s toxic. I won’t go over my juggling of the dose trying
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 45 – back to Nebivolol… by Ron Patient Expert Well, here we are again, after two months the wheel has turned full circle, and I’m scrabbling for effective heart medication again. But Nebivolol, after all I said about it? Yep, and I’ve explained my reasoning below. Ye
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 46 – really the end for Nebivolol… by Ron Patient Expert Re-trying this drug has ended in disaster. Starting at 1.25mg, the lowest dose for heart failure, confirmed that prescribing the lowest dose for hypertension, 5mg, and utterly ignoring my heart failure was grossly irrespo
Chronicles of the Heart, Part49 – Endgame? by Ron Patient Expert There is, it seems, no escape from the beta-blocker Nebivolol. For the last few days I’ve experienced – suffered from would be more apposite  – tachycardia, with a heart rate between 114-125, with my heart misfiring like
Chronicles of the Heart, Part 51 – Nebivolol means progress… by Ron Patient Expert And that’s 3 words I never thought I’d write… For some weeks now I’ve been taking a micro-dose of Nebivolol, 0.625mg, a quarter of the dose prescribed by my cardiologist (and who is probably my ex cardiologist), and it’s
Aspartame: Know the Facts by Tracii H. ingredients: phenylalanine, aspartic acid, and methanol. These ingredients break down to formaldehyde... - sweet. Methanol, even in small doses, is known to be poisonous. Symptoms of methanol toxicity include...

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