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Trick of the Trade: Reducing the metacarpal fracture by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Metacarpal neck fracture reduction  General principles of fracture reduction involve... the patient's MCP and PIP 90 degrees. Dorsal force is applied to metacarpal head by through dorsal pressure...
Poll: How would manage a metacarpal fracture in the ED? by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor I am in the process of creating a PV card on metacarpal fractures, divided.... A patient presents with a 5th metacarpal SHAFT fracture with 45 deg angulation (no rotational angulation...
PV card: Metacarpal fractures by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor What do these two patients with metacarpal fractures have in common? Answer....   Metacarpal (MC) fractures are common injuries, which often spark discussions...
Metacarpaling by Vanessa R. Patient Expert Metacarpaling by art student, Jeff Beckman.  Passion never translates well between two skeletons. And just for fun, fill in the blank:  Metacarpaling is the anatomical term for __________.
sometimes you have to ask for more help by Dr. Johanna Marie McShane Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven You guys are famous for being stoic. For being able to "white knuckle it" and for being able to survive whatever hardships come your way.  And... And frankly, you tend to be so good at all the above, and so used to get
Trick of the Trade: Radial Gutter Splint by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor Fracture of 3rd metacarpal base How do you splint 2nd or 3rd metacarpal fractures? A short... immobilization of these metacarpal injuries. Cut out a 3- or 4-inch splint material to the length necessary...
Bloody Knuckles by Butterfly Patient Expert Didn't want to gross you out, so I didn't post a pic of mine or any others person's bloody knuckles. I've been boxing a lot lately. I stared over 2 years ago and lately its perfect for releasing aggression. Only thing is
Rap me on the knuckles with a ruler by Maddy M. Patient Expert “Have you noticed?” “Noticed what?” “That he says it all the time?” “Er….not particularly.” “I wonder where he got it from?” “What?” “That little ditty.” “Which one?” “The ‘my bad’ dit
my knuckle is bleeding for no reason by Jill F. Patient Expert Kelly and I are moving to the Boston area in March. I'm ready to go home, I miss the ocean, the woods, my friends, my family. I want a yard for Puff. I miss New England winters, with snow. And fall where the leaves chang
Fantastic Feet Exercise to Stretch the Toes & Find The Knuckles by Aliesa George Patient Expert Are you ready to go on a search to find the knuckles of your feet? Our hands and feet are pretty similar (with the exception of the thumb!) You know how when you make a fist with your hand, how all of your knuckles pop u

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