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sw7251 California
in terms of health goals, two things on my mind lately - firstly, having a successful next... More
Kristen .. Annapolis, Maryland
I am a 20-something infertility survivor and new mom to my son, Nathaniel, born in July 2008.... More
I was a former labor and delivery nurse for 17 years. I am presently a volunteer labor doula. I... More
Ms. Perky Silver Spring, Maryland
I am a mom to a vroombunctious ADHD foster son, and toddler triplets, and have struggled with... More
Candi Houston California
I have struggled with infertility for almost 5 years. I have been through one fresh IVF cycle... More

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the doctor's would have detected a level of hCG in your system when you had your blood beta results.   I would make another appointment with your physican because there could be another cause of the bleeding.
Dear Borj, So many things can disrupt our menstrual cycle including stress, illness, excessive exercise and more. If you continue to have irregular cycles when previously you were regular, see your MD just to set your mind
Pregnancy Symptoms by Jennifer Patient ExpertHealth Maven but no vomiting and a lot of heartburn. With the twin miscarriage, I had severe nausea, but still no vomiting, very very sore boobs, and a need to pee like crazy. With the last miscarriage I had slightly sore boobs...
A miscarriage is a very emotional and traumatic experience. If you have not had a D&C and are just resting under your OB's orders then it might be suggested that you start out with lots of fluids...
The only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex.  End of story.  The only way to lower one's chances of becoming pregnant is to use at least one form of birth control, mechanical barrier, hormonal or otherwise.  Pulling
unfortunately that is pretty much the standard- and even a bit generous (as far as testing after two consecutive).
Feelings After 4th Miscarriage by MTHFR and Me Patient Expert through to get pregnant and they do not know the pain I have went through going through 4 miscarriages. I do not wish...
Caffeine linked to miscarriage by Marissa A. can increase the risk of miscarriage. It doesn't matter if the caffeine comes from coffee, tea, soda or hot... of caffeine daily, the risk of miscarriage increases twofold. "What we found was that if women have heavy...
who have had miscarriages in the hopes that the supplements might reduce risk of miscarriage. The jury is still out on whether progesterone supplements actually work to prevent miscarriage. ...

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Symptoms ... a miscarriage. Many women will go on to have a normal pregnancy after a threatened miscarriage. As well as vag ... » Read on
Complications ... The bleeding should stop 7-10 days after the miscarriage. If it continues for longer than this, you ... » Read on