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Dear Borj, So many things can disrupt our menstrual cycle including stress, illness, excessive exercise and more. If you continue to have irregular cycles when previously you were regular, see your MD just to set your mind
The only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex.  End of story.  The only way to lower one's chances of becoming pregnant is to use at least one form of birth control, mechanical barrier, hormonal or otherwise.  Pulling
to conceive but without success for at least 12 months.  In fact, as long as you're menstruating regularly...
, get some very mixed replies as inversions during menstruation is a hot-button topic yoga (asana). I'll... and Sri Aurobindo. During menstruation a woman's energetic flow is a downward flow (from the heart down...
thanks for the answer,but i dont like my dog to get pregnant..could it be possible to get pregnant if something happen once only on the 15th day of menstruation? I'm assuming your saying your dog is in heat...
The frequency, volume & flow rate of your menstrual cycle can vary from month to month or it can be as steady as a clock.  It can also change with time and is in fact expected to decrease in frequency, volume & flow rate as y
Cycles change as a woman ages (I have no idea how old you are so I can't give a great answer here). I used to bleed seven days and not spot at all... now I bleed two to three days and maybe spot a couple after that.  It d
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Is there any over the counter antidepressants that I can take without prescription? Probably not. It depends on the regulations in your country, but few allow sales over the counter (OTC). Nor are they necessarily the best
Thank you shouldnt as conception doesnt actually take place immediately after intercourse  and implantation a few days later

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