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Robin Edmonton, CA
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Manieloldeny California
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you didn't ovulate which is why you didn't bleed.  Are you tracking your cycles? Ovulation and luteal phase?  
your menstrual cycle unless you're pregnant and your partner has it and wasn't wearing a condom...
then i would take a pregnancy test it depends on how many days of your cycle you bleed.  It also depends on if you have a regular consistant cycle and when you ovulate.   I would try not to freak out until your period is late...
? Gained or lost weight relatively quickly?   It sounds as though your cycle has been annovulatory... a round of provera (progesterone) to go ahead and begin a new cycle ...
Sleep and Your Menstrual Cycle by Nirmala N. Many women who suffer from insomnia may actually experience it as a side effect of their menstrual cycle, according to Amy Wolfson, PhD, the author of The Woman's Book of Sleep: A Complete Resource Guide...
no. last two moths i ovulated on the 18th-20th.i usually  notice by the amount of cm and ovulation kit. it has read this normal? im ttc. are you sure you aren't gearing to ovulate?
depo provera are not available here Thks for the feed back but before I come on my menstrual... Provera is effective from the first day of the shot.  You should not have a menstrual flow...
you count from the first day of full red flow- that is cycle day 1 (abbreviated CD1). The last day of your cycle is the day before your next CD1...   If you are trying...
Irregular Menstrual Cycle by Ben L. Naturopathic Doctor Irregular Menstrual I have an irregular menstrual cycle without Myomin. If I take Myomin my periods are regular but as soon as I stop taking it, Im out of whack. Should I be worried...
Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle by Stacie Colino for Womans Day by Sharon LaMothe Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth MavenFacebook (hello, once-a-month chocolate fest!), but your period is just one part of your monthly menstrual cycle... with a rundown of what’s really going on during your monthly cycle. Days 1–5: Your Period! The good...

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