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Pregnancy & Menopause : How to Know If You’re Pregnant or in Menopause by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional . Take a pregnancy test to confirm either pregnancy or menopause withinformation from a board-certified obstetrician... To know whether you are pregnant or in menopause, consider your age, as younger...
Is it Possible to Diagnose Menopause With a Menopause Test? by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional Is it Possible to Diagnose Menopause With a Menopause Test? Diagnosing menopause with a test has become quite a possibility. In ordinary terms when a woman stops getting her period consecutively for a year, menopause...
show that it is just not as common as 3 days after intercourse. The chances of pregnancy taking place five days... of sperm ONLY applies when there is fertile cervical fluid-- which isn't possible five days prior...
No because conception doesn't end up happening until a few day after intercourse and that is only duriing a womans fertile window.   At this point hCG isn't even being produced so your symptoms are likely due to the natur
Menopause and Giving to Others; How Can Women Possibly do it All? by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional By the time women reach menopause, many have spent a lifetime nuturing others. Often times... it. The strange and interesting thing about Menopause is if you are experiencing a lack of something, or if you've...
Possible Peril Found in Menopause Cream by Cathy T. Healthy Living Professional A popular cream that eases the symptoms of menopause exposes women to higher levels of the hormone progesterone than has been commonly thought, researchers have found. Pro-Gest, one of more than two dozen...
Impact of Pregnancy and Menopause on Asthma by Andrea Patient Expert I'm including this article from to alert my blog readers to the fact that hormones can absolutely affect asthma and allergies. I have personally spoken to several women who were able to dramatically reduce o
Is Pregnancy Possible After Tubal Ligation? by Dr. Gary Berger Medical DoctorFacebook Is pregnancy possible after tubal ligation? Tonya and Donald both asked this question. After thinking about the possibilities, they had a tubal ligation reversal at Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center...
galactagogues and possible pregnancy? by Wise Woman Wisdom .. Healthy Living Professional this slight possibility that I may be pregnant.  I know that some of the herbs that are recommended for milk production are contraindicated for pregnancy.  But I'm not totally sure which ones...  I got a tincture...
I Have Night Sweats and Insomnia….Could It Possibly Be Menopause? by Anita Patient Expert Do you have hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia? It could be menopause menopause. Don’t... of ourselves. For most women, menopause usually lasts a year after the final period. It's the perimenopause phase...

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Why it is necessary ... lifting. Prolapses also often occur after the menopause, as the resulting changes in hormone levels can cause ... » Read on
Treatment ... e treatment as their day-to-day life is not affected. After the menopause, fibroids often shrink, and your symptoms will either ... » Read on