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I would recommend finding an experienced acupuncturist for this.  Symptoms of Meniere's disease... with Meniere's disease (or with any treatment, for any person, actually), but I think Chinese medicine...
This is the time at which you need to consider what's best for you and your dog, make any decisions accordingly, and communicate those to your veterinarian. Although some veterinarians have the experience and communication s
Health Update - Meniere's Disease? by Laurie P. Patient Expert , Dr. Merwin, my ENT/CI doctor, has pre-diagnosed me with Meniere’s disease, which is an inner ear... that I will have to deal with. And I'm okay with that. Meniere's Disease is manageable with a low salt/high protein diet...
I Have Meniere’s Disease – Harsh Reminder by Denise Portis Patient ExpertFacebook I have Meniere’s Disease . It is easy for folks to forget that as the disease is “invisible”. Amazingly, I sometimes forget I have it myself. So that is just embarrassing! GRIN. Meniere’s disease...
Meniere's Disease by Danielle N. Patient Expert I got 2nd opinion from my audiologist. I HAVE MENIERE'S DISEASE. I think I had it for quite sometime even.... I have no clue how to say that to a child. Thats going to be hard for me. Here is a link about Meniere's Disease...
Parkinson's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis Patient Defeats His Down Hill Prognosis and Regains Mobility Without Drugs or Surgery by stuart Patient Expert disease and Multiple Sclerosis reveals an amazing story about how his disease condition crippled... because of the double-whammy of Parkinson's disease and Multiple Sclerosis. One of the only reasons Steve ever left...
The Innovator's Dilemma, Bundled Payments and the Prognosis for Disease Management by JaanS Medical Doctor Many years ago, the Disease Management Care Blog was involved in a doltish exercise in planning... its efficiencies and effectiveness, the DMCB is confident versions of disease management would be sought out as one...
Menier’s Disease: New Research by Dr Duncan DC Patient Expert in the Genesis of Secondary Ménière’s Disease ” I thought I’d just share that review with you. Meniere’s... to explain why TMJ or neck injuries can lead to Menier’s disease.  From a chiropractic perspective...
News Round-Ups: Talk more with deaf children, disabling Meniere’s disease, and more… by Rachel C. Patient Expert An excellent article shares how parents can encourage early language development by focusing on talking with their children.  Research is showing that children perform better in school when their parents provide them greater
Meniere’s Rant by Denise Portis Patient ExpertFacebook I don’t usually go on and on about Meniere’s disease, but I’ve had a pretty bad week... and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD). They have a terrific Meniere’s Disease section that can be located...

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Prevention ... toms of common causes of hearing loss, such as otitis media and Menieres disease. Make an appointment to see your doctor as soon ... » Read on
Causes ... nfections of the auditory nerve, such as mumps or rubella, Menieres disease, acoustic neuroma (a non-cancerous growth ... » Read on