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Membrane Transport

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ADHD gene #5: Serotonin transporter gene (5-HTT) by Nicolas I. Patient Expert ADHD Genes ADHD Gene #5: Serotonin Transporter Gene (5-HTT, also referred to as "SLC6A4... click here. The Serotonin Transporter Gene is found on human chromosome #17 (the q11.1-12 refers...
Cell Line Which Expresses the GLU4 Glucose Transporter Isoform by of GLUT4, a glucose transporter isoform expressed in fat and muscle, from intracellular components to the plasma membrane. The NIH announces the discovery of a cell line that expresses the GLUT4 glucose...
HDL, LDL Transporters (and Clive Owen) by Dr. B G Doctor of Pharmacy ] The HAAAWT Transporter Clive Owen was featured in a series of vignettes as a BMW driver transporting goods... Ritchie, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu LDL and HDL are Transporters (like Clive Owen) Our energy...
Radiotracers for Imaging P-glycoprotein Transporter Function by treatments. P-glycoprotein transporter (P-gp) acts as a pump at the blood-brain barrier to exclude a wide...
Toy Transporter by MC Milker Healthy Living Professional If you, like me, spend an inordinate amount of time with your children in the car, you know how difficult it can be to keep them entertained. To the rescue come tapes, CDs and portable DVD players. Top end cars now come w
I'm working on inventing more time...and a tele-transporter by Amanda Lindsey Patient Expert Training is going great! Work doesn't suck quite as bad as it did there for a while. The weather has been pretty cooperative. But as training hours and intensity increase, so does the need for food and sleep...and more hou
Premature Release of Membranes at 32 weeks--success story by Carol Yeh-Garner Patient ExpertHealth Maven Premature release of membranes at 32 weeks--a HypnoBirthing success story This is an inspiring.... I next heard from her recently after she had been transported by air to a large medical center because release...
Benztropinamine Analogs as Dopamine Transport Inhibitors by in motor activity, motivation and reward, and cognition. The dopamine transporter is expressed on the plasma membrane of dopamine neurons and is responsible for clearing dopamine released...
Segway Knock-Off for Kids by netventures Patient Expert If your kid has been bugging you for a Segway scooter (oh, sorry - “human transporter”) and you don’t have the coin to drop $5,000 on it, there’s now an alternative. The new Dareway is only $220...
Procedural Safeguards - The series Part XII by Jim Gerl Patient Expert Safeguards Transporter (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) This is the final installment in a multi-part series on procedural safeguards under the federal special education law...

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