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Maxillary Nerve Block by Dr. Josh A. back to dental school when a professor on a hospital dentistry rotation gave a Division II maxillary... the pain although it took a few minutes to set in. Anyone else have any technique tips for a maxillary...
4th Canal on Maxillary Molar by Dr. Jason Hales Doctor of Dentistry could be found without the use of the operating microscope. Since almost all maxillary first molars have a fourth canal, make sure...
A Tooth, A Tooth, A Tooth!!!! by Keri Patient Expert A lot of excitement for one little tooth, huh? Let's just say that we've been waiting a while for this tooth. I was just commenting to another blogger yesterday morning that Hadley still, at almost 9 months, had no teeth.
A Tooth for an Eye – Implanted Tooth Gives Woman Her Eyesight Back by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven This is really wild and at the same time makes sense to use a tooth to hold the implanted lens if her body was rejecting an artificial cornea or lens.  Amazing that the tooth can serve another purposes and brought eyesight b
We have a tooth! by Karma Patient Expert Finally. I've been calling "It's got to be a tooth coming..." for the past two months! Amazing how much is blamed on "teething"...but now at least I can blame this past week of extra gnawing (her favorite chew toy is our woo
The Process of Pulling a Tooth by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor Pulling a tooth may be advised by your dentist if you have tooth problems. This is usually the last resort when the tooth can no longer be saved. Before pulling, the dentist may require an X-ray to see the teeth prope
Also, just to let you know, you're not going to starve to death on a liquid diet for a few days. You know what? It sounds like you have an abcess going on, or an infection at the least. I'm not a dentist or a doctor, but I r
The pain may be a result of a few things..   1) The nerve of the tooth may be injured (cavity may have gone into the nerve) 2) The bitemay need adjustment (filling may be too high)  If your dentist thought the tooth wa
The Mouth is a reservoir of sepsis.  Fortunately, the bacteria are a balanced mixture that does not cause disease, as long as our resistant immune system is intact and the bacteria stay in the mouth. However, the tissues of
Health risks associated with a murmur depend upon the reason for the murmur.  Some are benign while others foretell bad things to come.  A deformed valve (which can cause a murmur) is rarely ever a good thing as it typically

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