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Mate A. US
Davuskip California
A share of visitors actually think that Elevate gf is part of the UFO conspiracy. This is what... More
Stefanie Randfontein, ZA
Hi there, My name is Stefanie and I?m married to the most wonderful person in the world, my true... More
larry N. LAGOS, Maryland
my name is Larry Nwosu i came accross your profile today at ( which real spoke... More

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Attend Your Mate’s Office Christmas Party to Discourage Workplace Affairs by Ruth H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven to your mate’s co-workers and stake your claim. If a co-worker has been secretly admiring your spouse or.... Being there with your mate will put a damper on those plans. Even the most brazen co-worker who has designs on your spouse or...
Condom Week: Buying condoms with teenagers by Karen R. Patient Expert to try and do something as different and unusual and potentially scary as buying condoms. I take groups of, mostly, middle school students to buy condoms at pharmacies. My students are usually very nervous about the process...
Pixie Mate for Mate Latte by Marie L. Patient Expert Pixie Mate is delightful. There's the Mate concentrate, which comes in an aseptic pack...-like drink. And MAN FERTILITY, who is not crazy about the ‘smoky’ flavor of mate is nuts for the Pixie...
Wow!  I hate to ask how you came up with that scenario!  So let's assume the condom was used, eg has sperm inside.  Many condoms have spermicide inside so the sperm should hopefully be dead.  But let's...
antibodies generally decrease the effectiveness of birth control though I am entirely sure about the ring.   It is possible though that a pregnancy resulted
The two systems are different and follow different paths in the body.  Urinating before isn't really an issue- unless he already has an erection.  Even then though- some could still get through which is why the withdrawal m
FYI: There are traces of semen in pre-ejaculate so pulling out is ineffective.   However, if she is taking the pill as perscribed and she hasn't had any flux in weight or taken antibiotics (which neutrilize the pill) in t
you shouldn't be taking MAP as a regular form of birthcontrol...   Have you bled since the first time you took it?
try to force them. It sounds like either he's not interested in mating at all or that she's communicating...
ovaries will not prevent these in some animals any more than their presence will guarantee mating success in others. ...

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