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Patty B. Granbury, Texas
I lost a kidney and have just recently found a path to take because a Doctor took the time to... More
rel6 Bettendorf, Iowa
Growing up in Los Angeles offered to me a culinary experience I will always cherish. Family cooks... More
Erin Charlotte, North Carolina
I was diagnosed with celiac disease in my 20s and my older daughter was diagnosed when she was 4.... More
Jane S. US
Cooking has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I was privileged to have two fantastic... More
drmiggy US
I'm Michelle, aka Miggy, a PhD biochemist working in cancer. Since I was a teenager (I won't say... More

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Digital Mammography is Less Clinical, More Comfortable by Glenna Murdock Registered Nurse read the meant-to-be humorous descriptions of how to prepare for a mammogram. The actual steps...—my first done with the use of digital technology. Let me tell you, in terms of comfort, digital mammography...
RETROACTIVE POSTS by Sandi W. Patient Expert January 17, 2007, or so: Something or Nothing At the Mammogram Factory the radiologist was peach-colored/complected, with brown/red hair, and she had soft-looking skin. Why did it seem soft? I don't know. She seemed sorr
When mammography detects cancer which is successfully treated, has mammography saved that woman’s life? Probably not by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor to my claim that cancer screening was not very effective. She told me that if it were not for mammography, she would be dead. In short, ‘mammography saved her life’. When she put it this to me I enquired gently...
Preparing for a race...preparing to share stories...remembering my best day in the sport by Angela Bancroft Patient Expert Ironman Lake Placid Age Group Women’s Race by Mary Eggers There must be something in the water over there in Pittsburgh. There is some serious Iron coming from the city of steel, as triathletes from that c
that. I think the most important thing to prepare is your mind. Go in with an open mind and be teachable... every day for six months is vital to preparation since most teacher training courses have you practicing...
I have been buying Annie's products for a while even though I must admit I never bought frozen prepared foods. I understand about us all having busy lives but I try as much as possible to prepare...
$300 a month sounds like a lot for prepared meals to be sent to you. I think people should spend the $300 leaning to cook healthy. Whole Foods offers great classes (at a low cost to no cost...
Top 5 Ways to Mentally Prepare to Meditate by C.L. R. and physically prepare. 1. Always meditate in the same spot. 2. Meditate at the same time or time frame. 3...
Interval training to prepare for consistent running/jogging by Kristen D. Hesitant to jog or run for long distances? Consider building up to that point by interval training, starting by walking at a quicker than normal pace, then speeding it up to a light jog. Try and spend between 2-5 minutes doin
Get fast enough to be in the front, scout so you know where things could go bad and go into that area being vigilant and ready, and accept that at some point... you'll be in a crash at some point no matter what you do, where

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Diagnosis ... ortable, or even a little painful. Your doctor will examine the mammography for indications of cancer, such as calcification (ar ... » Read on
Prevention ... ograms because your breasts may be too dense to produce a clear mammography. G ... » Read on