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Natasha A. California
Blogging about the trials, tribulations, and elations of a vegetarian skiing triathlete while... More
Jens_Itchy_Feet California
Hi. My name is Jen. I started running in early 2010, after hitting my first mid-ish life crisis... More
JasonScott California
A man from Texas, he is a person who does everything for his family. They are his inspiration with... More
Chic Runner Long Beach, California
Welcome to the Chic Runner! I named my site that because I think it’s okay to look... More
Ryanernedly California
Weight loss has become a serious concern for many and folks are actually trying their heart out... More

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Studies Provide New Data on Mammography and Breast Cancer Mortality by Studies Provide New Data on Mammography and Breast Cancer Mortality Mammography can reduce mortality from breast cancer, but the magnitude...
FDA Safety Notification: Mammography Problems at Huntington Radiology in Huntington Park, California by FDA , Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology Product: A mammogram is a safe, low-dose X-ray picture... with possibly unreliable results. Under the Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) of 1992, the FDA requires...
‘Independent review’ confirms that mammography is inefficient and harms more women than it helps by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor gloomier picture of the effectiveness of mammography. One study from the respected Cochrane group... of mammography, and the politics surrounding this screening strategy. I’m polarising things a bit...
Ultrasound and mammography by David W. Patient Expert if not more so. Here’s why a breast ultrasound scores over mammography: Unlike mammograms that use X.... Ultrasounds with color pre-processing options show contrasts in the scan pictures more sharply...
Technologies in Breast Cancer: Digital Mammography by PinkRibbons .. . In traditional mammography we compress the breast. The X-ray beams would pass through the breast and were exposed on film. The film then was processed, and I would evaluate that film on a monitor. Digital mammography...
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! by Tiffany Snook Patient Expert What a little man Aaden is on Day 4 My favorite picture.  Noah on the left and Aaden on the right Noah...
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures by Tiffany Snook Patient Expert Baby A is still a Boy Baby A is our little thumb sucker Baby A greeted us with a little wave hello. It was the first thing we saw when the machine was turned on. Baby A SURPRISE! Baby B is a boy too. Our Litt
Pictures, Pictures, Pictures ... by Jeff Irvin Patient Expert Being that it is a Friday and most of us are beat down from a long week I will just post a bunch of pics so as not to tax our brains anymore than what is necessary. But first, tomorrow is IronMan St. George   and a few of o
Pictures pictures pictures!! by meredith Patient Expert A birthday party for THREE! Wesley’s 6th, Kristopher’s 7th, Emma’s 8th! Father Daughter Dance!
Pictures Pictures Pictures!! by meredith Patient Expert In no particular order… all taken yesterday… :)  Enjoy!     

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Diagnosis ... ortable, or even a little painful. Your doctor will examine the mammography for indications of cancer, such as calcification (ar ... » Read on
Prevention ... ograms because your breasts may be too dense to produce a clear mammography. G ... » Read on