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donnak California
I'm a 60 year old mother & grandma that was really never sick until 2005, just 3 months... More
I may need to have the appearance of being useful. Objectively, so what do we do touching on it? I... More
snease San Diego, California
I am a certified trainer and health food enthusiast. I love to experiment and incorporate many... More
obriennorma California
 If Green Coffee Bean were a medication seeking approval from the Food and Drug... More
Stanleyhousert California
Maybe I'm nuts, although this is the situation with Olay Skin care Products and this is only... More

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if the sunburnt appearance is rectangular in nature consistent with the grounding pad used for electrocautery...
Yeah sometimes my mucus is lotion like thick and white, sometimes it is dry.... But i keep having some abdominal pain, not sharp but a pricking uncomfortable one :( There is no way to know when conception actually happens. As
and engaged.  Sometimes depression, loneliness and social withdrawal can lead to what appears to be confusion... better than anyone else. Good luck! Sharon You said "appears" so the first thing to do if it has not...'s not fun! Was this lump there before or did it just appear or does it appear every time you walk? Does anything ooze out of it, or it just appears? Does it subside afterwards or just stay there?...
swelling appear above my upper lip a few days ago.  I'm 49.  There's no redness and no pain.  It's..., acne, etc.  It appeared within a day but doesn't seem to have grown since.  Does this sound...
infection. This infection results from bacteria that live in the top layers of the skin. Appears as red...
if the beginning of your cycle was 27 May--- exactly what day did you last have sex? What is the average length of your cycles?   Do you use an ovulation detection method?  You mentioned cervical fluid but did not includ
I was diagnosed several years ago with Valley Fever(coccidomycosis) and I had red sore knots under the sking on my legs . I have this same problem. I have no history of thyroid problems. My lumps have no color but hurt like a
thank you.. i woke up wit this yellow under both my eyes one mornin, not sore but unsightly.. and i am a 37 yr old female.. how do i get rid of it??? Thank you Dr. Geof. I will get it checked out. The medical term for fatty
i think lyme disease is a bit far down the line, possible acute or stress trauma could be the cause.  you should seek examination by a Podiatrist Had you spent any time outdoors recently?  With any red rash, Lyme disease sho

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