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Becky901 California
My world fell apart when I developed fibromyalgia, but in developing a way to recover from it I... More
I am a wife and mother of two boys. The oldest is a current survivor of a rare and highly... More
BillB Apple Valley, California
I am 53 years old in very good health except for a medium sized malignant tumor on my left lung. I... More
slimminsam California
I started this journey in December as a 419lb man with limited hope and no plan. I knew what I... More
Jane Chitty California
I write regularly for Healing Natural Oils , a producer and retailer of high-quality,... More

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Another clue to how the naked mole rat stays cancer free by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert creature called the naked mole rat – might not be the prettiest of animals, but it’s evolved several unique..., the naked mole rat can live for more than 30 years . One of the secrets to its longevity is that it doesn...
News digest – important cancer conference, blind mole rats, pregnancy tests, and more by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert -powers of a strange rodent called the naked mole rat, which never gets cancer. Its cousin, the blind mole.... But a twist in this tale emerged this week. While the blind mole rat and the naked mole rat...
News digest – oesophageal cancer, cervical screening, naked mole rats and more by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert . A curious rodent called the naked mole rat hit the headlines this week – US scientists uncovered a clue...
Cancer From The Sun - The Scourge Of Malignant Melanoma Skin Cancer by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert . Irregular Border - A malignant melanoma will typically have an uneven border. The usual mole has a sharp... Malignant Melanoma The most common risk factor for melanoma known is excess ultraviolet rays. When melanoma...
Mole Mole Mole by Diana D. Patient Expert New favorite Lara Bar! Cocoa Mole, y' all. (I can' t say mole without thinking of that scene with the Wonder Years kid in the third Austin Powers movie..... Moooole.)
Of moles and men â?? how sunlight and moles affect the risk of melanoma by Cancer Research UK Patient Expert genetic variants that affect the number of moles that people have. They also showed that these variants... of moles have a higher risk of melanoma, so it makes sense that genetic factors which increase the risk...
Fish Molee / Meen Molee by Niyaprakash Patient Expert Fish Molee / Meen Molee Fish cooked in coconut milk with lightly seasoned onions, ginger, garlic and green chillies. Goes well with Appam / Rice in Kerala Cuisine. A very tasty and less spicy...
Causes of Skin Cancer - Basal Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma or Squamous Cell Carcinoma, do you know the r by Danny & Susan S. Health Maven , most often on sun-exposed areas, or it may develop from pre-existing pigmented moles. As mentioned earlier, melanoma... changing mole many ordinary moles (more than 50) many freckles an immunosuppressive disorder dysplastic...
See a dermatologist post-haste. A mole that is irritated and starts changing, bleeding is a reason for concern and action! Something that is harmless, can easily turn into harmful!
For a lot of skin growths, many veterinarians will tell you to just keep an eye on the growth and have something done with it if it starts to bother the dog or change its appearance.  Well, you've seen both of those things o

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Symptoms ... It is very important to recognize the signs of malignant change in a mole, and if you notice anything unusual a ... » Read on
Introduction Malignant melanoma accounts for about one cancer in every 100. I ... » Read on