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Magnificent Magnesium and Its UseTransdermally by Connie S. Patient Expert to flood the cells with this much-needed mineral. Magnesium chloride, when used as a body spray or a foot... magnesium chloride can also be given to those who are severely deficient, and according to Dr. Shealy, ten...
Cell Magnesium Spray-On Oil For Pain Release by Taylore V. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine chloride into the cells and tissues through the skin. Most people are deficient in Cell Magnesium Oil... muscles. The body's shin uses an Unique delivery system. The body takes the Cell Magnesium and gets...
Epsom Salt Baths by Stephen Tvedten Patient Expert Epsom Salt Baths Many people are deficient in magnesium, and by simply soaking in a relaxing bath with magnesium-rich Epsom salt we can boost our levels of this important element. Magnesium is the second...
Day 196 of our Green Year: Uses For Salt by Craig and Layla B. Patient Expert Most of us think of salt as something bad for the environment because of its ability to kill vegetation, but the truth is that it can have many good uses for those leading environmentally-sustainable...
The Many Uses for Milk of Magnesia! by Mind Body Spirit .. Healthy Living Professional Who would have thought that the thick, white, chalky, foul mixture called Milk of Magnesia (MoM), normally used as a laxative, could be used for other health issues. Yes, according to Joe and Terry Graedon's The People's Ph
New Information about Magnesium by Pam Patient Expert I recently tried out some new transdermal magnesium chloride after reading the information onthis site. I also bought Dr Sircus' book, "Transdermal Magnesium Therapy". It' s very good. Magnesium...
28 Uses for everyday items by Ann H. Patient Expert Everyday items with unexpected uses... that's the subject ofthis MSN slideshow.  Find out what other uses you can put rubber bands, toothpicks, salt, post-it notes, sticky-backed felt circles and clear
Uses of salt in the kitchen by Niyaprakash Patient Expert Clean the refrigerator We all have to do it sometime, and today it's your turn. You've removed all the food and the racks from the fridge. Now mix up a handful of salt in 1 gallon (3.7 liters) or so of warm water and u
Uses of Salt by Niyaprakash Patient Expert Around the House Clear flower residue in a vase Once your beautiful bouquet is gone, the souvenir it leaves behind is not the kind of reminder you want: deposits of minerals on the vase interior. Reach inside the vase,
An Ode to the Lowly Epsom Salt (and Why It’s My Number One 'Home Remedy') by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Thank God for Wikipedia. Without it I might have searched longer for this definition "Magnesium sulfate (or magnesium sulphate) is a chemical compound containing magnesium, sulfur and oxygen...

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Why it is necessary ... he level of certain substances like urea, potassium, sodium and chloride. These substances are needed to help the body work, but ... » Read on
Treatment ... Expectorants, such as guaiphenesin, ammonium chloride, squill, sodium citrate and ipecacuanha may help chesty ... » Read on