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The Year of the UTI by Quinn Patient Expert .” At least the Macrobid seemed to get the UTIs under control. ... My second year with vulvodynia was the year of the UTI. With college back in session, I resumed...
Home Remedies For UTI - How To Treat A UTI Without Antibiotics by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert Tried and tested home remedies for UTI are very often a much better option than over the counter treatments or antibiotics if you not only want to get rid of a UTI, but if you want to prevent future...
throat prior to a urinary tract infection (UTI).  UTIs can be thought of as local or systemic.  A bladder... having an allergic reaction to your UTI?  Truthfully, I haven't heard of that either (maybe I need...
Typically a UTI will not make you lose weight.  Just like any time you are sick, there is a chance of weight loss due to lack of appetite.  If you do experience weight loss while you have a UTI
routine, then she may very well be experiencing UTI.  Has she had this diagnosed in the past or... by having her examined by your veterinarian.  A urinalysis would be beneficial in determining if UTI is the problem...
Prevent UTIs With fruit by Mary Ann P. Doctors believe that eating foods high in vitamin C, like strawberries and oranges can help you avoid bladder infections. They can help to acidify your urine. That helps to keep bacteria from growing. Of course, we all kn
You can try adding more water or boullion to her food so she produces more urine.  The more urine, the most dilute it is, and the less irritating to the lining of the bladder.
Honeymoon My A$$ by Kristen .. Patient Expert I've just been diagnosed with UTI #1,578. Well, I'm exaggerating a bit but it sure... antibiotics. Fun times. So, I now have a cocktail of Macrobid and this other medicine that turns my urine...
Natural Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) by Susan W. Patient Expert A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection that begins in any part of the urinary system, from the kidneys, to the ureters or bladder and urethra. Women tend to be at greater risk of UTI and are generally...
If you suffer from recurring UTI's, you'll want to read this.... by Helene Patient Expert If you've ever had a UTI (urinary tract infection), you know how painful it can be. I've only had a few infections in my lifetime but I have several friends who experience UTI's quite frequently...

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Causes Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused when bacteria enter, and then infect, the urina ... » Read on
Causes Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are caused when bacteria enters, and then infects, the uri ... » Read on