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Im 17 years old. And i ove to know stuff abbout my body(:
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Our practice has specialized in the treatment of headache pain for more than a decade. The... More

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hello leslie i also have this problem but it only happens while on my period for the last 9 months any ideas it lasts about 4 or 5 days then goes away  only to return the following month  any advise or thoughts would be great
The chances of you having breast cancer are smaller than you can even imagine.  It is completely normal for you to have changes in your breasts during your periods. If it is still there about a week...
Minimize Breast Pain with Breast Massage and Lymph Drainage in St Petersburg Fl by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Breast Feeding or Pregnancy: Engorgement Sore nipples (transient or chronic) Inflammation or..., breast mammary tissue, retromammary space (behind the breast), groin, and ribcage when receiving a breast...
Why am I getting recurrent sore throats? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor If you have recurrent throat infections with staph or strep bacteria, check your toothbrush... - shown to control strep mutans in the mouth, ears and throat. Avoid sorbitol products ( an artificial sweetener...
Sore throat (or pharyngitis) is typically caused by assorted viruses.  Rarely is a sore throat due to strep, which responds to antibiotics unlike viruses.  Other causes of sore throat include fungal...
infection to your penis just by kissing you on the lips.     I suppose if she had a sore throat... papilloma virus).  In that case, she could pass HPV onto you but you wouldn't have a sore throat just days...
. But the very sore nipples thru me off as i've never had them before and the slightly late period... pregnant on my own could have different side effects than that of an IVF pregnancy. My breasts are tender...
It depends how severe it is.  Often times it doesn't just get better on its own so it can be fairly serious.  Most likely it's something in the cervical spine, like a muscle strain and or spinal misalignment.  I would start u
performs self breast exams it is done to get to know their bodies on a regular basis so that abnormalities... and even a some swelling on your breasts with your cycles.  Your breasts will continue to change...
It was the 27th of August. I had intercourse on the 9th,10th, and 11th. My breast are still tender on the sides and around the nipple area; They feel mushy not firm like usual; and my lower ab near hair line...

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Introduction ... , including: strep throat (sore throat), impetigo (infection of the sk ... » Read on
Symptoms ... t symptoms of epiglottitis are usually a fever and an extremely sore throat, which comes on quickly over a few hours. This is fo ... » Read on