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In the wintertime, bedrooms are filled with super dry air.  Overnight many people suffer from extreme dry mouth.  Dried oral tissue show up whiter than usual.  Try sipping water to rehydrate.  If this doesn't help, you have a
A lump is always something worth having your doctor take a look at. It's better to get checked and have it be nothing rather than ignore it/try to self-diagnose and have it be something serious.    
Hi Cindy, The important thing is that you are seeing a doctor about and getting testing.  Continue to keep your doctor updated about it and whether you notice any changes as it's vital to treat it right away when necessary.
I have started getting the same problem. Has anyone received any answers from a doctor?   Please e-mail me at: I have the same prolbem. I would like to know too if you guys found out what it is. T
as that now almost all of my health issues are rearing their proverbial ugly head. The lump on my tonsil has begun to cause me to get choked when eating and my tongue seems to be weak on that side. I don't know if it is related...
Any time (sore) lumps turn into blisters, especially when they occur in the groin region, they make me concerned for sexually transmitted diseases.  Of course, this might be just an ingrown hair developing...
As much as we'd like to help, nobody online can tell you what these lumps are or if they're something to worry about. PLEASE see your doctoir. Teri
A lump can occur due to reasons like infections, abscesses, vaccinations, lipomas or other more serious reasons. But an infectious lump cannot remain there for two years without any other symptoms...
/bladder.  In any case, what's your question regarding the big lump and b/b toes?     The lack of grammar... in the left leg close to your knee.  Is that where you got the big lump?  Or is the big lump closer to your b...
your question regarding the big lump and swollen foot?  If the pain is such that you can't walk or bear weight...

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Symptoms ... larly reddened and inflamed. The tongue may be covered in small lumps, particularly at the back. ... » Read on
Treatment ... have not been proven. Breast lump If a lump in your b ... » Read on