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virginia g. london, UK
I'm from spain but live in london, I was happily having fun with my circus performing and in... More
Freestyle Fitness Addiction San Francisco, California
Certified personal trainer blogging about fitness, nutrition, injury rehab, motivation, and life... More
AlexanderRivkinMD los angeles, California
Alexander Rivkin M.D. is a Yale trained facial cosmetic surgeon and UCLA faculty member who has... More
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ihave a lump growning on the left side of my testicle it hurts some time and it get biger and smaller i dont know what it is can some one tell me what it can be I'm not a physician but my guess...
Myrna, Hi, Our dog, A Soft coated wheaten terrier had a sebatcious cyst removed from his back near his tail about a year ago, he now has one in the middle top of his back. (vet diagnosed) We've been trying to "treat it" at
Important things to know about nose piercings by Andrea Grace Patient Expert the tattoo article…so, no one shall feel offended . For now I choose to write about nose piercing, because I had one myself I know what it means, so I am talking from my own experience. Nose piercing may seem fairly...
LUMPS AND BUMPS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven your fingers through their hair...when, suddenly, you feel something firm and unexpected...a lump or a bump....  Sometimes the lump is very visible and sometimes you almost have to rub or squeeze the skin in order to realize...
. 4. Do some self-massage -- find tender areas around the nose, eyebrows, forehead, and crown...
Tornwaldt cyst update by Zipperhead .. Patient Expert I saw the ENT this morning and we can leave my Tornwaldt alone! He ended up scoping my nose and throat while I was there. Boy that is one funky-feeling test that I never want to repeat...
It is an infection on a bigger scale than before. Treat yourself with tepid salt water (mild concentration) with an eye-dropper and your head tilted back. Also gurgle salt water. Do it several times a day, or at least 2x. Tak
Any time it burns to urinate, think bladder or kidney infection.  But if you also have a lump in your groin and some lumps on your penis, start thinking sexually transmitted diseases.  That's why it's...
Brain Cyst or Vaginal Pimple? Which Has Greater Impact? by jenn Patient Expert After I gave up on my 2nd psychiatrist, I consulted a neurologist that supposedly specialized in anxiety and ADHD. I figured I would try him out since I was able to just get away with paying a co-pay and aft
Dressing Room Conspiracy (The Vlog) by thisfullhouse Patient Expert Just a few afterthoughts: Yes, my nose is always THAT itchy (I swear!) It is a nose of substance (SNORT!) Turns out, schlub is a real word after all (thought I was being all cle[vuh, shoulda known bet

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What it is used for ... ons caused by bacteria. Ear, nose and throat infections Macro ... » Read on
Complications ... , salivary glands, and the tubes that connect the throat to the nose. Unlike other bacterial infections, actinomyco ... » Read on