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Wow, any trauma to the head should be looked at immediately. Therefore, run, not walk, to your doctor's office and tell him or her what is going on. Obviously, this is not going to go away. Let us know...
cancer, etc can all cause a big lump on one's forehead.  Good luck!...
As much as we'd like to help, nobody online can tell you what these lumps are or if they're something to worry about. PLEASE see your doctoir. Teri
I have a cyst that's fairly small on the top of my head but this is way different. On the bottom part of my head where we have bones that stick out on both sides is where I feel it. It's...
to be serious, but this lump should be checked out by your doctor. It could be a cyst or any number of things...
Yes, I agree with Teri. It wouldn't hurt to have it checked out. Even your asking about it tells me you have some level of concern. Trust your intuition and see a doctor. Debbie Yes, I agree with Teri. Have it checked out
Typically the lump many refer to is where your7th cervical vertebrae sticks out.  It has a slightly longer spinous process back of the vertebrae) to be gin with but then we add forwad head posture...
My daughter has a lump by Katherine B. Patient Expert I found a lump in my 4 year old daughter's eyebrow last week. If you've had cancer you know.... I explained the history of the "lump", it's hard, feels like a stone or a ball bearing. She does not complain...
as that now almost all of my health issues are rearing their proverbial ugly head. The lump on my tonsil has begun to cause... about. Thanks again for your advice and I will post if I find what it is. God bless.   Even if the lump...
Hmmm . . . off the top of my head, I can't explain the two.  However, an overactive thyroid (as evidenced by a lump, but not usually over your jugular vein) can cause diarrhea (along with out symptoms...

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Symptoms ... sometimes a change in appearance of the area, such as a lump or visible change in position of an affected limb. ... » Read on
Symptoms ... first stage of the condition is usually the formation of a hard lump oftissueand contraction (tightening) of the muscles around ... » Read on