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Karen L. Belmont, California
I am running 1/2 marathons in California, and plan on running the 2008 New York Marathon the day... More
denene2478 Amherst, New York
Hello all! My name is Denene Alvarez. I'm 32 and happily married to Rev. Canon Emilio Alvarez... More
Terrence Taps !. Atlanta, Georgia
Terrence "Taps" began studying the art of tap dancing at the age of nineteen at Norma's... More
I am the founder and Executive Director of Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness, Inc. We... More
Lo raleigh, North Carolina
I'm a Down to earth female Stud i'm 26 out of da Raleigh Nc Area I am Married To Cynthia 3kids... More

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Sorry but I'm having a difficult picturing a red bump.  It might be an ingrown hair or it might be a sexually transmitted infection, especially if you're itchy.  Since you're worried, it's best to go see your family doctor. 
Anyone would be nervous to find a small groin lump that is sore to the touch.  Being female... by.  Or the lump could represent an abscess (pus pocket) itself and require opening up & draining...
Typically the lump many refer to is where your7th cervical vertebrae sticks out.  It has a slightly longer spinous process back of the vertebrae) to be gin with but then we add forwad head posture...
And your question is . . . ?  Sounds like you have an infection.  That painful swollen lump is most likely a lymph node indicating that the infection is close by.  It could also be an abscess or pus pocket...
Thank you for the info!! The pubic pain is 4 days old and hurts so bad. I shuffle when I walk... what I am feeling as of recently. I know that groin and pubic pain comes from a hip joint. I hope you are of an age...
in your throat area. It can be quite common for anxiety and stress to produce these sensations...
Two possibilities come to mind immediately, either an infection of a hair follicle (especially common if you shave in that area) known as folliculitis, or a swollen lymph node (or gland) representing...
Dear debz, This is not a menopausal symptom per se, so the best bet to figure out if you have an allergy or an infection or other skin condition is to see your gynecologist to determine what this is and appropriate treatmen
itching by Donna Peach Patient Expert Yesterday I started itching. Itching everywhere. No rash or other symptoms except uncomfortable itching all over–my scalp, my back, my arms, legs, hands, feet. I thought it had gone away today as I spent most of the da
Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine dry cloth and dot it onto the sore areas. Good Home Remedies for an Itchy Scalp with Crusting...

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How it is performed ... ision (cut) being made to your lower abdomen at the top of your pubic bone, often referred to as along your bikini line. This al ... » Read on
Diagnosis See your doctor if you notice a lump in your breast, or any change in the appearance, feel, or s ... » Read on