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LGI Fit Tennessee
This blog aims to provide motivation and inspiration for those working towards their fitness... More
amber California
I am a single mom of a precious 6 year old.  I was diagnosed with Multiple schlorosis in... More
charlynleigh California
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Princeline R. Phoenix, Arizona
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Depending upon the size of any skin lesion, your family physician may be able to remove it in his/her office with local anesthesia.  In other words, s/he numbs up the surrounding area, typically w/lidocaine injections, and th
Lumps by Sarah Patient Expert Went to hospital today to investigate some lumps that we have noticed under skin in Violet's lower abdomen and collarbone. There are about 6 in abdomen and 1 above her right collarbone...
excessively at her abdomen after she used her box. Another cat had what turned out to be a fungal infection...
in relation to this lump?  There is some good discussion on this topic at the following site: ...
Diagnosis/Symptoms by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert . Except for pancreatitis, such problems are uncommon. You may have tenderness or a lump where the sedative was injected..., you might feel pressure and slight cramping in your lower abdomen. You will feel better afterward when the air...
Any time it burns to urinate, think bladder or kidney infection.  But if you also have a lump in your groin and some lumps on your penis, start thinking sexually transmitted diseases.  That's why it's...
What is that Bump on my Tailbone? Pilonidal Cyst Symptoms, Treatments, Surgery by Michael A. Zadeh Medical DoctorHealth MavenFacebook What is a Pilonidal Cyst? A Pilonidal Cyst is a cyst  that develops in the midline of the tailbone near the cleft of the buttocks. The most accepted theory for the cause of these cysts is the blockage of hair … Continue read
Update on Breast Lump and Node i... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven Update on Breast Lump and Node in Neck I felt so kinky on Monday, I got felt... me at my appointment and I could have given a shit less that two med students watched. LMFAO. The word on the lump...
Update on Breast Lump and Node ... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven Update on Breast Lump and Node in NeckI felt so kinky on Monday, I got felt up by a chic while two... and I could have given a shit less that two med students watched. LMFAO.The word on the lump in my right breast...
My daughter has a lump by Katherine B. Patient Expert I found a lump in my 4 year old daughter's eyebrow last week. If you've had cancer you know.... I explained the history of the "lump", it's hard, feels like a stone or a ball bearing. She does not complain...

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Symptoms ... the following symptoms: a lump in the abdomen, pa ... » Read on
Symptoms ... n. After carefully feeling your abdomen, your doctor may find a lump, high up and a little to the right, that pulses with your h ... » Read on