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creates pain and fever). Drink lots of water, cranberry juice or take cranberry tablets.  You will likely...
The only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex.  End of story.  The only way to lower one's...).  To really lower your chance of getting pregnant, you could also consider taking an oral contraceptive (assuming...
Pain in the right lower quadrant is classic for appendicitis but that isn't usually associated... cause that could explain everything, in this case, the abdominal pain.  However, if we discount...
colored urine or clay colored stools?  Change in bowel habits?  Bloody urine or painful urination?   You're describing the right upper quadrant which is typically where the liver & gallladder are housed...
pain in the right upper quadrant (under the ribs), even stuff that isn't typically associated w/pain... could actually irritate the liver capsule (causing right upper quadrant pain) and is then known as Fitz-Hugh...
I had this once, and in the end it was PID pelvic inflammatory disease and my hip siliac bone had become swollen with reactive arthiritis due to the infection. The doctor should do a urine test, a STI test to rule it out. Too
of the lower spine come together to form the sciatic nerve which exits in the base of the rear and travels down... you with the initial pain because you need to be able to rest also. ...
She could also have ovarian cysts which can come and go with her cycles and can be very painful....  Back pain +/- fever help differentiate kidney infections from simple bladder infections...
the lower back pain). There's also the possibility of an appendicitis if the pain is on the right side... A fever lasting three days or longer -- I'd call the doctor. Any time there's pain in the lower
It is on the outside. I out canker sore medicine on it and the swelling got worse. In the absence of a history of trauma, sounds like a canker sore or oral herpes-you didn't report whether it was on the inside of the lip o

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Symptoms ... early stages of the condition, but it tends to 'settle' in the lower right hand side of your abdomen. Applyin ... » Read on
How it is performed ... r the doctor to press and feel the organs and structures in the lower abdomen or pelvic area to help with diagnosis. ... » Read on