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What you have described does suggest some type of disorder affecting the function of the facial cranial nerve.  Many of these same symptoms are seen in people with Bell's Palsy. The facial nerve has thousands of branches an
Please have her see her dentist or her private health care provider, who know her best, and can help her.
My advice would be to not trivialize this complication.  You should see your surgeon on an urgency basis, as soon as possible to have this treated.  You should stop biting your lip and causing the trauma
whether it was on the inside of the lip or on the outside.  For the definitive diagnosis and treatment, do yourself the favor...
Sometimes the swelling of healing will cause a pressure that temporarily interferes with sensation traveling through the surgery site.  Call you surgeon and ask if you should come in for a post-operative observation. Good L
Lips makeup – tips for perfect lips by Andrea Grace Patient Expert to softer once we get to its corners, and, on the other hand, the lower lip contour will be more visible... the corners end beyond these lines, and vice versa. Upper lip thickness must be equal with that of the lower...
Bump on the Lip by Lian Patient Expert A couple of months ago, K developed this bump on her lip that just wouldn't go away... . It can be due to lip biting or an injury to the lip. I'm glad for his advice coz' I didn't know...
Finding the Perfect Lip Color. by Jane .. Patient Expert So what is the best neutral color for your lips? It’s easy to see. Pull down your lower lip... is important because you can then choose a pencil that you can use as a base under all your lip colors and glosses...
Lower Lashes by OnlyNatureBlog Patient Expert To make lower lashes long and dark you need a mascara, but applying it straight from the tube on those awkward, fine hairs. Instead, use a lip brush. Load it up with mascara...
  Are the "bumpy patches" a result of your anxiety and stress? Perhaps. But they may also be due to any number of things. If you are concerned your doctor should be able to provide a diagnosis, or refer you to a specialist

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