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Rebecca S. Nashville, Tennessee
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Let's Talk: I have had CFS /CFIDS / ME for over... More
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yes.i have done that i know am pregenant but am having stomach ache and i dont know if pregenany is the cause. have you taken a test?
  ( exercises include  6 min abs bike riding  dumbbells sqauts and palaetes ) also abdominal massages to try loosen up the abdominal fat ( i am skinny )   i noticed  the left side poking out alot...
, stomach, pancreas, etc to cause pressure & pain in the left lower quadrant.  Bladder infections..., can cause one sided lower abdominal/pelvic pain.  This is known as pelvic inflammatory disease or PID...
.  She has upper left abdominal pain/burning/inflammation that radiates to her back.  They diagnosed... seven, three kids, and for a while i have had pain in my upper left under ribs, and even in my lower...
lower quadrant pain. Gastritis, peptic ulcer, and sometimes even esophageal reflux (heartburn... curious hows ur husband ? i have  a dull pain in my abdominal next to belly button it all started...
Pain under the left side of your rib cage extending to your belly button could be above the belt... to difficulty breathing. Peptic ulcer could present w/left upper quadrant pain as you described...
brown discharge is usually old blood... when you say abdominal pain... exactly where did you feel it (right side, left side, upper, lower, etc)?
enough for you to seek an answer).   As I mentioned in another post just minutes ago, central lower abdominal contents... can then become inflammed & infected, leading to diverticulitis, which is usually left sided pain.     Central pain...
and exercises i noticed a lump  on the lower left abdominals near the belly button my dr said  it wasnt..., we think of hernias in the abdomen whereby its contents push thru the abdominal wall, most commonly...
Latest Health News: The Secret to Burning Belly Fat Forever...Slim down your abdominals by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Abdominal Crunches the Key to Heart Health and Improved Posture Who doesn't want firm, flat... supporting your head. Press your low back down and begin the exercise by contracting abdominals and peeling...

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Diagnosis ... of IBS. These are either: abdominal pain, or discomfort, that goes away after you empty yo ... » Read on
Symptoms ... : episodes of pain in your lower abdomen, usually in the lower, left-hand side. The pain ma ... » Read on