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Thought I answered this queston - sorry if it did not "take"  I am not a physician and from what I've read this is quite rare - one post elsewhere online suggested getting tested for more rare problems like Lyme Disease.
Still too low by Kelly Patient Expert My neutrophils are at 200 today, and still too low for them to let me go home. Praying they rise more tomorrow... or the next day...
Hi!  Thank you so much for writing! I am relieved that your blood work only shows the drop in white cell count -- with no other serious or "scary" implications.   I am glad you that have ruled out the scary stuff but now we c
Low birth weight increases risk for heart disease? by Heartstrong Registered NurseFacebook Previous studies have shown that low birth weight babies have an increased risk of developing heart disease as adults. Babies weighing less than 5 ½ pounds are generally considered low birth weight...
WBC: 14.9 K/UL (4.0-11.0) ... by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert WBC: 14.9 K/UL (4.0-11.0) RBC: 3.57 M/UL (4.00-5.50) Hemoglobin: 12.5 G/DL (12.0-16.0... and neutrophil counts are still a bit elevated thanks to steroids, but not alarmingly so. My weight...
for your Hct & Hgb, you might feel relatively "anemic" or low blood. Your WBC or white blood cell count...
Those darn neutrophils ... by Kelly Patient Expert from my oncologist. The numbers of neutrophils from my last blood draw (the Friday before) were very low... this afternoon, and told them how I had stopped chemo because of the low neutrophils. My Mom was surprised...
Blah! My WBC count is down! by Florence F. Patient Expert Currently, I'm pretty much in hibernation. My white blood cell count is low right.... When I found out about my low blood count on the Friday afternoon prior to that, I had to cancel those plans as I did not want...
Spoke too soon! by Kelly Patient Expert This morning I woke with a low grade fever of 100.8. At the last vitals, it was 101.8. The doctors ran some more blood cultures and want to watch it for now. The good news is that my neutrophils...
Neutrophil watch by Kelly Patient Expert . I spoke to the doctor yesterday, and my neutrophils are still low at 1,200. But they are headed... by now. Apparently, my neutrophils took a huge dive shortly after Thanksgiving when I caught that cold virus...

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Symptoms ... t of the symptoms are continual aches and pains, usually in the lower back, pelvis and ribs (although any bone can be affected). ... » Read on
Symptoms ... e stages of chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) which are outlined below. Ch ... » Read on