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Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner Summary

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Loneliness and the Long Distance Runner by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert Are you lonely tonight?...... By Bob DeMarco If it were not for the Alzheimer's Reading Room, I often wonder what my life as an Alzheimer's caregiver would be like? I consider myself to be fortunate.
Late, Here and Long by Rock G. Patient Expert as I had done with the 50k, 50-mile and 100-mile distance. I had been training hard and running with runners a whole lot... From the front pack: Devon Crosby-Helm's report This is long like the race but it could have been even longer...
Long May You Run. by RunFasterMommy Patient Expert Last month I received an email from a runner in PA named Chris, with an opening line referring... someone used Mr. Simmons in their opening line, and totally intrigued by the title of his book, "Long May You Run...
Saturday, The Long Run by Cord C. Patient Expert Long Run Summary: Distance: 8 Miles Time: 1:01:32 Avg Pace/Mile: 7:33 Max Pace/Mile: 7:16... myself an average long runner without much speed. My current training plan, Mileage Ladder, is doing the job...
Loneliness and Alzheimers Care by Bob DeMarco Patient Expert abandoned. They miss having really good friends. Readers suggest Loneliness and the Long Distance Runner... Loneliness is a problem common to Alzheimer's caregivers. Rare is the Alzheimer's caregiver
Have you hugged a "slow" runner today? by Amy H. Patient Expert I was reading through the annual summary of running stats on Running USA.  After I digested the information, do you know what my first thought was?  I don't think us slow/ordinary runners get enough credit...
8 is Enough... for now by Cord C. Patient Expert Long Run Summary Distance: 8.15 Miles Time: 1:00:17 Avg Pace/Mile: 7:21 Max Pace/Mile: 7:04... through the hills passing a few fellow runners that I see each weekend. I have started taking 2 new supplements...
Wildflower Training by Rock G. Patient Expert Two cupcakes and I...oh and bikes too Long, Long Post. Eat in slices. FRIDAY Friday... while trying to source out a pair of bike shorts since I had forgotten all of mine's. The long ride on running...
Dean Karnazes Endurance 50: More than about running 50 marathons by Amy H. Patient Expert , date, location, weather, and number of participants. Yet each summary is not a standard race report... in the stories of each marathon’s unique challenges. He speaks heroically of other runners’ courage, enthusiasm...
My Training Manifesto - Part 3 by ajlesser Patient Expert here though - this does NOT mean plodding along all the time doing slow, long distance stuff and putting in junk miles.... So that is the end of Part 3. I believe Part 4 will be my final conclusions and summary of this long whole...

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