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Susan L. Pekin, Illinois
Hobbies: Photo shooting, Gardens, Cars Problem: Severe Osteoarthitis, Mulitple Joint... More
clinicalpaints California
Clinical Paints is a research-focused company with a twenty-year legacy of product development... More
vergaradvorak California
You may have tried many home remedies to get rid of those wrinkles that looks ugly on your face... More
jengw California
I am training to be a certified health and wellness coach so that I can teach others how to live... More
Femoralacetabular Impingement is a big word with little awareness, but many are suffering the pain... More

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Heat Styling Damage Versus Relaxer Damage – Part 2 by Sarah B. Patient Expert . While the hair may be permanently altered, it is not damaged in the sense of split ends and breakage one gets... more damaging. When I decided to start wearing my hair straight for work, I had to flat iron it at least twice...
How long will a feeding tube in an adult sustain life?: Decades. I have worked with adults with brain injury who have lived at home for coming up to 20 years with feeding tubes. He may be losing weight as if he were on a die
policy which will pay out if I have 'permanent neurological damage'.  If I have (and you seem to say... you from having a more permanent stroke. But now that you've had a stroke, there's nothing you can do to reverse the damage...
This was a great read for a change and women could benefit from the advice as well. One bad apple doesn't destroy the whole bunch and even if the bunch is rotten, chances are you will find a good one among them!
My own mother had been given "happy pills" after she broke a hip.  When she found out they were antidepressants she was livid :D Maybe have her try something else for sleep that is a natural alternative? Thanks for respon
By your line of questioning, it appears that you're asking if taking/increasing testosterone will aggravate your chronically inflamed pancreas.  My understanding is that this hormone/medicine shouldn't make a difference since
Hi Hannab, As a massage practitioner, I can relate to ligament injuries! Ouch! One essential oil blend that was designed for ligament injuries is PanAway. If you click on the link it will give you details about this EO blen
Exercising the muscles in the anal/genital region, including the penis might help restore full function most rapidly. The pubococcygeus muscle(s) runs from the pubic mound around to the tip of the tailbone at the coccyx.  
tube is missing? and the right one a bit damaged or damaged? are you asking if you can have a baby naturally with a damaged left tube and no right?...
Damaged My Induction Cooker by suzette Patient Expert Last Saturday, I happily tried out my induction cooker for the first time, frying banana chocolate pancake. The only cookware I have, that is suitable for the induction cooker, is this cheap frying pan - an FOC item receive

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Treatment ... extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), per ... » Read on
Causes ... ns of heroin injection ('track marks') or their veins have been damaged by previous heroin abuse. Injecting he ... » Read on