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I have been suffer with undiagnosed bipolar disorder since I was a teenager.  Then in 2010,... More
GoToSee UK
Hi, I'm the content editor of and... More
Dolores Kansas City, Missouri
On October 23, 2004, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a day I will never forget, and one... More
Kent Brooks California
Aspiring Liscenced Independent Mental Health Professional with a variety of interests that include... More
Magnetic Healing Lake Forest, California
Magnetic Healing promotes the science and therapy of Medical Bio-Magnetism, a natural and safe... More

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Music Therapy and Its Link to Listening and Reading by Lily's Dad Patient Expert New research on music therapy and its effectiveness at teaching listening skills... listening environments by strengthening auditory memory and the representation of important acoustic...
Behavioral Therapies & Other Useful Therapies by Cheryl Patient Expert Therapy Auditory Integration Therapy: Vital Links Therapeutic Listening home program Tomatis Center...The merits of each therapy may be discussed in the future but at this time, I'm just going...
"Family therapy" sounds like "Family-Based Therapy" by Laura Patient Expert " and how it relates to other terms like "family therapy" and "family-based therapy." And it matters: clinicians and clinics all over the world are starting to say "yes, we offer that" when they do not. "Family therapy...
Wednesday Workout Update - Physical Therapy is Also Mental Therapy by Shelley B. Patient Expert I went to physical therapy twice last week and felt like it was helping.  By my second appointment..., my hope for getting back to running was, as well. Yesterday I had another physical therapy appointment...
How Counseling (Talk Therapy) Helps by Tracy Ochester Doctor of Psychology Have you ever had somebody listen to you intently and objectively with the sole purpose... and non-judgmental person who is not involved in your life outside of the therapy session. You shouldn't...
Kairol Gets Sirius - Listen & Call In by Kairol Rosenthal Patient Expert . If you are not a member of Sirius Radio you can LISTEN FREE ONLINE by signing up for a free three day trial. The show will be replayed on Wednesday 10 PM, and Sunday 2pm EST. If you cannot listen to the show, be sure to read my blog...
Listen to Me on IRIE Radio at 7:30 am EST Tomorrow by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional If you can get in front of your computer at 7:30 am EST tomorrow, listen to me get interviewed on IRIE radio (Ocean 98) on the "Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show" in Ocean City, Maryland. Looks...
Want to Listen to Me Being Interviewed? by eatnormalnow Healthy Living Professional If you want to listen to me being interviewed by Dr. Beth Erickson, tune in today at 6p/EST to "Relationships 101". If you miss the interview, you can watch the podcast at Podcasts. The show airs 3 times/week...
Autism Therapy: Autistic Man Benefited From ABA by Harold L D. Patient Expert and you listened to thef promotoers of the Alleged Autism Rights Movement you would not seek ABA therapy... If you listened to many of the anti-ABA ideologues in the Neurodiversity club you would not...
Therapy Thursday: Pop Up Barn by Rachel C. Patient Expert A good barn and lots of Learning to Listen Sound animal toys can be used for a million different therapy activities.  But what about families who do not have a barn or animal toys at home? [...]

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Treatment Treatment for agoraphobia involvespsychotherapy; specifiy a type of therapy known as cognitive behavior ... » Read on
Introduction ... many treatment options, including medication, counseling, psychotherapy, complementary therapies and self help strategies. It is ... » Read on