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Dina E. New york, New York
Writer/editor by trade. Trying to bring my life back into balance so that work hours and stress... More
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  Dream therapy is more than an interpretation. It's about tapping into the higher... More

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Listen, Listen, Listen by Dr. Laurie W. Doctor of PhilosophyHealth Maven Listen carefully to what your partner says. Ask direct questions until you really understand what your partner is telling you. Attentive listening is often the greatest gift you can give another person. We’re...
Listen…Really Listen by Cathy Healthy Living Professional Is there someone in your life that needs you to listen….really listen to them? Listening... what you want to say.  Try listening to someone in your life.  Listen to what they are saying and what they aren...
while  in woking time listen peacefull song .because if you listen hard core song  after sometimes you are tired...
Top 5 songs to listen to when struggling for motivation! by Kim N. , these are just suggestions. Find the music that motivates you and look at your workout as a time to get away and listen...
Listen Up, Hillary by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional Warning: this is as political as I will ever get in a blog or newsletter. Today, I read this article about Hillary Clinton advocating a partial boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics by the U.S. in light of China’s “reaction t
Listen to your heart by Nirmala N. Being the kind of person who lives in my head about 95% of the time, it can sometimes be really challenging to make an important decision without going over it a million times in my brain and intellectualizing it to death. I
Sugar Lovers, Listen Up! by Nirmala N. Sugar lovers beware - the USDA's recent new dietary guidelines have some important tips on what to be leery of when reaching for the sweets. Food manufacturers generally use refine sugars to sweeten everything, which isn't
Hello Mango67333, Your daughter should see a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). This type of doctor specializes in lyme disease and will be able to provide the right treatment for her. You can find an LLMD by finding a l
Steven--You've shared your concerns and since you are dealing with another adult, that is all you can do at this time. Your mom has the right to choose differently than you would like her to.
Did You Know You Can Exercise Longer While Listening To Music? by Lucy J. Patient Expert for so listening to it ahead of time to see if it going to be something you’ll enjoy is essential...

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