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Sneezing in bright light by Brad W. Medical Student the reflex is a mechanism for protecting your eyes. Potentially harmful light rays hit the retina... if it is, we already have a more direct reflex - called the dazzle reflex - that closes the eyes automatically in blindingly bright light...
Trick of the Trade: Corneal reflex test by Michelle Lin Medical Doctor The corneal reflex test (blink test) examines the reflex pathway involving cranial nerves V and VII. Classically the provider lightly touches a wisp of cotton on the patient's cornea...
All squints in children should be checked with a red reflex test to rule out eye cancer by Dave W Healthy Living ProfessionalFacebook with a red reflex test to rule out eye cancerAbnormal, uncontrolled cell division resulting in a malignant..., had a squint as a symptom. It is the second most common symptom after leukocoria (white pupillary reflex...
Dear Mark: The Semmelweis Reflex by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional and assistant administrator of the hospital, Ignac Semmelweis, made a startling connection. The proverbial light...
Bicycle Safety Time! - Planet Bike BRT Strap Multi-Use LED Bicycle Safety Light by A. Brewster S. Patient Expert this? )This review is from: Planet Bike BRT Strap Multi-Use LED Bicycle Safety Light (Sports)I was pleasantly...-light (above my left calf) for biking or late afternoon inline skating. Having a light move as you pedal...
Get Yo' Green On Tuesdays - Dangers of Christmas Lights, Garden Lights and Mini-Light Toxins - A Christmas Light Product Warning by Shawna C. Patient Expert Get ready to be shocked: holiday lighting, is poisonous! Every year my children and I decorate our tree with holiday lights - so do millions of children and parents around the world. Did you know...
RSD...THE MISUNDERSTOOD PAIN DISEASE by thematrix777 Patient ExpertHealth Maven , and light began to bother him. More ominous, however, were the variety of other seemingly unrelated physical... Is Difficult Eventually, Orsini, Plaster and Calhoun were diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, or...
This question will have a similar answer to the one from the dog owner who inquired about 1 pupil being different from the other.  Either there is a problem within the affected eye of your cat or there is some kind of proble
Shedding Light on Mommy Blues- LIght therapy and postpartum depression by Melissa G. Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine So, we've sprung ahead, recently it was Day Light Saving Time. But what do new moms do when the time change and additional light in our days just does not cut through their new baby blues...
Does At-Home LED Light Therapy Work?: Tanda Light Therapy Review by Nicki Z. Patient Expert biologist will tell you, humans love the light.  From the spotlight to the window seat to that sunny spot on the beach, we seek light wherever we go.  Luckily, unlike the UV light that can damage your skin, a new form...

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How it is performed ... The pupil reflex is checked by shining a light into each eye from a distance of 10cm. The pupils should a ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... at them with an ophthalmoscope. This instrument shines a bright light into the eye and enables the doctor to see inside it. ... » Read on