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Anything that isn't normal for you is always a good reason to consult with your physican.
.  It also depends upon when you expect your period.  If it was due on Saturday, then you might be pregnant.  But it could also be that your period changed this month due to stress.  It's common for young females to have their periods vary...
there are plenty of things it could be and without more information I can't really narrow that down for you.   Are you on birthcontrol? On average, how long do your cycles last? Do you know when (or if) you do ovulate?
I cannot speculate on that because you haven't provided the information that would help.   All I can say at this point is if you are concerned then a home pregnancy would probably be the most accurate answer.
Does At-Home LED Light Therapy Work?: Tanda Light Therapy Review by Nicki Z. Patient Expert “significantly more effective” than treatment with a 5% benzoyl peroxide cream over the same period.  The reason... biologist will tell you, humans love the light.  From the spotlight to the window seat to that sunny spot...
you are fine I woke up this morning and started my period. Im already like two days late but i went... my next cycle thats all it is? the reason why I asked about your September cycle is because your October cycle...
had any at all before that. And sometimes you miss your period for many other reasons besides pregnancy. So I'll keep you updated on symptoms... anybody reply and help me  hi im 16 and my period is due around the first its ussualy very heavy and lasts...
could also do this.  An ultrasound would go a long ways towards explaining your 2 week period.   More important is how you feel...

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Causes ... mental factors that may cause migraines include: bright lights, flickering screens, such as a television or compute ... » Read on