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.  It sounds like you are not having any other symptoms right now. Hooray. And I'm hoping that you will be one of the lucky ones who have few or mild hot flashes, mood swings, etc. If you do begin having uncomfortable...
? last month what seem like my period did'nt fell like it u know what i mean it came for 2days heavy... me i was prefectly fine that if i didnt get my period this month on the october 27 till sunday i was more likly...
ok i think you might be right i was just worried because of as much brown dishcharge i had its never happened to me before like that alothought i just got over a bladder and kinney infection. thank you so much if you started
periods; for others (myself included) there can be extra periods or heavy bleeding during one's periods...I'm a 53 year ole woman am still having a period.Ihave bloating,breast tenderness severly...
months he pulls out sometimes and not others.. ovulation period is the first week of every month...
if you are concerned then the next step would be to take an HPT. 
.   Now, if you have regular monthly periods and then stop all of a sudden, then it's best to check in w/your family physician... women to have irregular periods, sometimes skipping, sometimes alternating light & heavy.  If you're...
A couple of months ago, one of my sisters brought up the subject of Mother's Day. by gailrae Patient Expert birthday. It was that the entire month of August was my mother's birthday month. In one way or... who came up with the idea of Birthday Months. It didn't stop there. When one of my sisters had chicken pox in her teens...
the doctor said my ovaries are fine but this month I was suppose to get my period this mnt on the 14... because this month i hvnt had my period yet.. and i feel signs of pregnancy.. am i prgnant?? yes he pulled...

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Treatment ... edical treatment for menopause can be either with or without hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The kind of treatment you can ta ... » Read on
Treatment ... eat fibroids, your doctor may recommend medication. However, in more severe cases, surgery can be considered. ... » Read on