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? last month what seem like my period did'nt fell like it u know what i mean it came for 2days heavy and then stop for 1 day and came back for 2days but light and thats why i dont know i dont drink any meds or...
women to have irregular periods, sometimes skipping, sometimes alternating light & heavy.  If you're....   With that said, you still need to use at least one form of contraception (two is even better w/both barrier & hormonal... There can be more than one..., OPK's, montior, ferning scope?) I did many, many different kinds of calendars as I have a 44 day cycle...
. I have the same syptoms i have tender breasts but i had brown discharge which was light for 2 days i didn't have cramping... to take another one in a couple of days. i have this same exact problem .. did u ever find out if you were preg...
At this point in time your uterus wouldn't be growing enough to cause itching- it is hardly noticable actually if you were pregnant at this time.   23 days from your last period would  put...
I cant' answer that because I don't know when you ovulated or what your intercourse timing was...   do you track your ovulation?
. The average length of my cycles is usually 28 days however my period coming June 26th was early... was early you say?   When did that particular cycle begin? My cycle is usually 28 days...
Anything that isn't normal for you is always a good reason to consult with your physican.
it takes up to a year (they say) from your last shot for your body to recover.  For some women it takes less time ... for others longer.    Are you tracking your cycles? Do you know if and when you ovulate?

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