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Christine Irvington, New York
My name is Christine Huwer and I have landed here to share my love of healthy living and eating. I... More
89comic96 The Villages, Florida
I'm married with 2 sons. My husband and I have 2 granddaughters from my oldest son. The younger... More
Natasha A. California
Blogging about the trials, tribulations, and elations of a vegetarian skiing triathlete while... More
hsofeastlincoln California
I'm Lincoln, 5540 South Street Suite 200, Chiropractor providing complete chiropractic care... More
Nava A. Hudson Valley, New York
Nava Atlas is the author and illustrator of many books on vegetarian cooking, most recently, The... More

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The frequency, volume & flow rate of your menstrual cycle can vary from month to month or it can be as steady as a clock.  It can also change with time and is in fact expected to decrease in frequency, volume & flow rate as y
Probably nothing (sorry, I ddin't mean to be flippant or rude).  More likely, you're young and just haven't established a regular menstrual cycle yet.  In other words, your hormonal cycle hasn't been set.  This is quite comm
Anything that isn't normal for you is always a good reason to consult with your physican.
I assume you mean this most recent menstrual cycle stopped (not that you're in menopause).  Unless there's a foul odor or pelvic pain, most likely this is due to a minor shift in your hormone balance or vaginal pH, and will r
It depends.  Don't you love those types of answers?  Well, it depends upon what you mean by not "sexually acti".  If you don't move during sex, that doesn't help your situation.  You still might be pregnant.  If you've never
your uterine lining may not have been as thick as normal   its a possiblity 
That cycle started on June 2nd...I believe (either June 1 or 2) I am asking about the cycle previous...before the 26June The cycle started June 26th and ended July 1. The cycle that ended 26June was early you say?   When
no im not on birth control and I'm trying to get pregnant and it hasn't been easy?? I havent been on birth control in 5 years The important thing is that your lining sheds not the number of days you bleed.   Are you on bir

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