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shanandor California
I love to keep fit by doing regular exercise and eating healthy foods.  I am not a... More
Zil US
This blog chronicles life after an ectopic cornual pregnancy. One of my three birds flew away... More
-Bluenoser Blandford, CA
I'm a father of two married daughters who have now made me a proud grandfather. I work and live... More
Jarrod and Jenny California
Our third daughter was born at 27 weeks. By the grace of God she was able to be revived after her... More
Jackie A. Elnora, Montana
I have made it my familes job to educate others on the importance of health and wellness in life.... More

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Life Expectancy Calculator by Ann H. Patient Expert According to a new life expectancy calculator that I've discovered, I can expect to live... though my actual age is 49. Not bad for a Monday morning! Check out the Life Expectancy Calculator for yourself.
Life expectancy and lifetime risk of prostate cancer mortality by Dr. Arnon Krongrad Medical Doctor for the management of prostate cancer emphasize the importance of life expectancy in estimating individual patient...” life tables) to calculate age-specific mortality rates using data from the Social Security...
Drugs increase life expectancy of HIV patients by 13 years: study by Mountain Movement .. Patient Expert , to find out the impact of AIDS drugs on life expectancy. Robert Hogg, HIV researcher at Simon Fraser University, B.C.... journal Lancet. Their study found that a combination of antiretroviral drugs increases the life expectancy...
Men’s Life Expectancy in the U.S. by k Patient Expert Life expectancy is often discussed when discussing the quality of life in a particular country or part of the world. North Americans often claim their relatively high life expectancy as a good example...
An Unbalanced and Harmful Approach to Quality Measurement: Is Life Expectancy Enough? by JaanS Medical Doctor up to any utilitarian calculation of life expectancy.  It's not up to some buggy computerized decision support algorithm... and Walter propose to fix this by reconciling the measures with life expectancy.  If better blood pressure...
Securities and Exchange Commission Accuses 3 Top Executives from Life Partners Life Settlement Company of Fraud With Life Expect by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven used a doctor with his “formulas” to give the estimated life span expected.  We now have others working..., an additional $58,000.” In 2002, Life Partners put a life expectancy of two years or less on the insured...
Life expectancies and work life by John A. Patient Expert by UBS in the U.S. found that 77 percent of respondents expect to engage in part-time work... in life, the more that taxes on that income will help to alleviate pressures on the financing of old-age...
End of Life Patients Benefit from Knowing their Life Expectancy by Glenna Murdock Registered Nurse who have been told, in the face of a dire diagnosis, what their life expectancy might be are no more emotionally... and the mother was able to participate in it. It might seem that placing a limit on life expectancy would rob...
Adding Life to Years by Dr. Muriel G. Medical Doctor The latest statistics on life expectancy were released by the National Center for Health.... NationalCenter for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, MD, released January 19, 2006). Life-expectancy at birth...
I'm so sorry to hear about your father and for what you and your sister have been going through. I don't have an answer for this one -- hopefully your father's doctor can provide you with some guidance.

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