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Maria D. Seattle, Washington
Aspiring yogi, new professor, new to Seattle, love to hike and bike and explore. I surf, too, but... More
EddyFree Cincinnati, Ohio
Ashley F. Fair Oaks, California
Dr. Z. Culver City, California
Dr. Farid Zarif, Nutrition Physician and founder of Dr. Zarif's Naturals. Author, scientist, and... More
Dietfix Vancouver, Washington
I have over five years of experience in the health and nutrition industry. I have also been my... More

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Got PD? Hop On Your Bike and Start Pedaling for Your Life by Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven You may have heard the scuttlebutt recently about how biking is becoming popular for people with PD.  If you haven’t heard, you will now. I met a fellow PD’er online last year who bikes regularly for the exercise
Spinning out of control, exercisers have to reserve bikes by Nancy B. on spinning bikes to get off. Meanwhile, an instructor is shouting at them like a drill sergeant. "Sprint... in advance to spin on the weekend, says Toronto Star reporter Rita Zekas.
Exercise: Biking for Health and Gold by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor British cyclist Nicole Cooke began biking at age 11 , racing her father—a former... her life's ambition, and her talent, after winning the Welsh cyclo-cross championship in 1994. She beat...
Want to break the cycle of anxiety? Hop on your bike. by Eric W. Patient Expert has become a 'lifeline'. "I cycle to work every day. It has been a blessing in disguise because exercise helps me a lot... spot on. Cycling can have a hugely positive impact on your quality of life if you deal with anxiety...
Improve Your Life: Bike to Work by pauldorn Patient Expert . How do you make the leap from wannabe to bike commuter? Cycling gurus are happy to offer advice. ( Read... From U.S. News & World Report, 01.10.09 : Ride Your Bike to Work You can save money on gas...
Sleep Cycles & Exercise by Melissa H. Patient Expert For the past four years, I woke most mornings at 5:15 to exercise … after getting 5-6 hours... was, at the height of my exercise addiction, I feared if I didn’t exercise first thing … other things could pop...
biking movie – Life Cycles by Rick McCharles Patient Expert excellent films we saw last night, one stood out for originality and attention to detail. Life Cycles... journey, with thought provoking narration, Life Cycles uses Ultra HD to document the many stories...
Cycling - Is riding a bike addictive? by Alberto R. Patient Expert some instructions and bikes and told to race wouldn't benefit from it. A program of this kind would help a cycling.... A week or so ago, in one of my posts, I called cycling my little obsession and joted down a few points...
Run. Eat. Don’t Repeat.* How to break the exercise-to-eat cycle [Reader Question] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert I think this guy is on to something: he just condensed the whole eat-exercise cycle down... in the same cycle of eating, feeling guilty about eating and then exercising to relieve the guilt (and the calories...
Run, Eat, Don’t Repeat*: Breaking the Exercise-To-Eat Cycle [Plus, what the research says about the relationship between e by Charlotte H. Patient Expert I think this guy is on to something: he just condensed the whole eat-exercise cycle down.... And then, if you’re not careful, you get caught in an endless cycle of exercising to eat. We’ve all heard...

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