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Check with your health care provider on the cause of your low blood count, then consider iron....  That, of course, is another way to improve your blood count, but slower and not as effective....
Blood Work: Complete Blood Count by Lauren B. Patient Expert Click on the images below to see a larger, printable version of the table, which is in two pieces.
Leukemia Explained by CancerTeam .. : Often when a blood count reveals signs of leukemia the next test is a bone marrow biopsy. NEIL SHAH, MD: The bone...ANNOUNCER: Leukemia, a cancer of white blood cells is diagnosed in about 29,000 adults and 2,000...
It's possible that you have a subclinical digestive tract infection. Unless you have been having digestive problems, it's likely that your doctor would not test you for these. But even without digestive tract problems, it'
Hi!  Thank you so much for writing! I am relieved that your blood work only shows the drop in white cell count -- with no other serious or "scary" implications.   I am glad you that have ruled...
  Are the "bumpy patches" a result of your anxiety and stress? Perhaps. But they may also be due to any number of things. If you are concerned your doctor should be able to provide a diagnosis, or refer you to a specialist
Monitoring Therapy in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia by CancerTeam .. ANNOUNCER: Treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia begins with bringing blood counts back to normal... leukemia cells. Their white count is 5 to 50 times the upper limit of normal. If we can lower their blood...
Low blood count ups death risk i ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Low blood count ups death risk in elderly people NEW YORK, 28 july 2009-- New research indicates that low red blood cell blood counts, regardless of other diseases that might be present, is a risk factor...
Counting White Blood Cells with a Portable Flow Cytometry Device by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert white blood cells caught my eye (see: Counting white blood cells at home ). Below is an excerpt... such conditions. Currently, most white blood cell counts are performed with large-scale equipment in central...
Differential White Blood Cell Count Result by Rachel M. Patient Expert The result of the Differential White Blood Cell Count wasn’t there. Dr TL picked.... At the recent meeting, Dr TL told me the Differential White Blood Cell Count was normal. I tried not...

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Why it is necessary ... platelets), to look for conditions like infections, anemia, and leukemia. U and Es (ure ... » Read on
Treatment ... Deciding on a treatment plan Once leukemia has been detected, you will need to discuss possible tr ... » Read on