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Cara S. Lexington, South Carolina
I am a 30 something breast cancer survivor (no, it doesn't run in my family-I am just random) and... More
EmaDW Houston, Texas
My name is Emily, but my family and friends call me Ema.  Ema is a nickname I got in... More
Vanny K. Menlo Park, California
I am trying to loose my body fat 10 - 15 lbs. I exercise (running and weight training) at leaset 5... More
Madsweat Scottsdale, Arizona
Being healthy is hard, not impossible. As NASM certified personal trainers we understand the... More
Diandra Armitage California
Hello and thank you for visiting my page! Early on in my journey, I struggled with my own... More

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Dear Haeinc, Please explain to me and others who don't know anything about this strange diet... keep all of us informed as to the success of your diet. I have heard of it; it has been around for decades...
Raw Food Detox Diet – Perhaps The Quintessential Detox by Lucy J. Patient Expert point which should be stated here and that is if you are looking at doing a raw food detox diet... step further you would acquire your raw food detox diet ingredients from someone who had an allotment...
Raw Food Health: Vitamin Supplements, Juice Detoxing And The Key To A Long And Healthy Life by Tera W. Patient Expert a more rounded diet. Juicing and smoothie cleanses provide the body with a wallop of vitamins and minerals... on a Plant-Based Diet?” How to Heal Blemishes, Acne, Skin Discoloration and Scars Naturally When Life...
Detox Diets by Jane N. For those of you who love maple syrup…today is your lucky day! There’s a detox diet... mixture of maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. Wow, my mouth is watering just thinking...
Detox Diet For Easy Weight Loss by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert is referred to as detoxification. A detox diet calls for a reduction of the intake of foods that contain.... Preparation Before you start a detox diet, it is important that you consult your physician...
Jul 14, Lemon Juice Diet Recipe: Fresh Lemonade by Esme S. Patient Expert This is the best summer drink. You make your own fresh lemonade within minutes. It's sweet, all natural, healthy and has zero calories. Ideal when on a raw food diet, lemon juice diet or for kids. Per
A Detox Diet of My Own by Kati H. Patient Expert , chopped garlic, dried dill, lemon juice...what was I missing? I probably could have added some salt... with boiled cabbage, I decided to embark on a self-designed detox program. Here are the parameters I set...
10 Easy Ways to Prepare for a 10-Day Juice Cleanse or Any Detox Program by Tera W. Patient Expert and a Smoothie Cleanse? Finding it hard to decide how to detox your body: with juices or smoothies? Here... 5... Any Donut-Loving Burger-Eater to a High Raw Food Diet (Part 1 of 2) How to Use Wild Edible Plants...
The Best Juice Fast: Camila Alves’ Post-Baby Body Detox – Ritual Cleanse by Nicki Z. Patient Expert ways to fast than the Ritual Cleanse . My favorite guidebook is Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing For Life... fast using the suggestions in Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing For Life . My energy was improved, my mood...
Image: Detox diets: Flushing toxins or good sense? by Alex P. Patient Expert of a lemon-juice, cayenne-pepper and maple-syrup mixture. Three weeks later, she can’t wait... are said to detox-diet. Alumni, such as Koby, experience an “indescribable increase in energy” after the diet...

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