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asked me about it.  I am over weight and do need to walk but when you are in pain and it's your leg... the every night and my legs sometimes both would give me pain up the sides...seems like from Ankles up.  My left...
Low back pain, leg pain and Chiropractic: the only way to go! by Carol Grant Lower back pain which is accompanied by radiating leg pain is very common and Chiropractic..., the thigh pain is found in the back of the thigh, rather than in the front of the leg. Most of the time...
UP I HAVE TO GET UP AND TRY TO WALK BUT I CANT. BECAUSE, MY FEET BE SLEEP. SO I JUST SIT ON THE EDGE OF THE BED UNTIL THE PAIN LEAVE... changes, back pain burning stinging numbness  and pulses in back legs and head and arms I also poop...
Walking, unless you're going quite a distance, shouldn't cause pain. See a doctor.
is gone. You can do crosstraining if no pain occurs. After the pain is gone, spend a couple of weeks in walking. If no pain occurs... Pain is not normal. Pain is a sign from your body that something is wrong...
Since you do a lot of walking, be sure you wear a good pair of walking shoes, shoes built for walking. Do stretches to strengthen your knees, hips, quads, hams, shins, and calves...
Yes it is possible for high heels to cause a number of symptoms: lower back pain, leg pain, calf... back pain as well. Nav  How to Get Rid of Foot and Leg Pain After you Have Been Standing All Day
Some people experience more aches and pains from walking on cement, museums, or other hard surfaces - but not treadmills.  So it may be the surface difference? Lynn
swelling in your foot.   Regardless of grammar & punction, if the pain is such that you can't walk or... & punctuation makes it a bit difficult for me to understand your situation.  I assume by "left leg" that you're...
having aches and pains from walking, you can add a 4th day per week. Start that new day with just a short walk...Try taking a couple days of rest and then resume your walking, only walk every other day. Your body...

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Symptoms ... ockage in the arteries of your limbs (in most cases, it is your legs) is known as peripheral arterial disease. The main symptom ... » Read on
Treatment ... n order to strengthen and stretch their muscles. Special arm or leg braces may also be used to help stretch their muscles. ... » Read on