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Lauren H. Calgary, CA
I'm a living organ donor advocate, having donated my left kidney in June 2011. I am also a... More
AngelLynn Henderson, North Carolina
I am a Christian living in N.C. with my lovely daughter, whom I homeschool, and my wonderful... More
dennio007 California
I work as a physician assistant. No med school, no grueling internship, more freedom to move... More
Vivian O. Melbourne, AU
I empower individuals and teams to take ownership of their performance to create better results at... More
hsofashlandky California
I'm Peoria, 8765 W. Kelton Ln. #150, Chiropractor providing complete chiropractic care including... More

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P.Ravi Kumar, Are you also getting numbness and tingling into the fingers and hands? What about muscle weakness in the biceps and other related muscles?  It could be a cervical radiculopathy.
Day 23: Spraining but training by Steve F. Patient Expert Woke up this morning and my wrist was just killing me. Not sure what has happened but I remember... up at me from my cupboard was the answer. Boxing wrist straps. I just strapped it up to give it support and lifted anyway...
Sprained! by Dr. Heather S. Medical Doctor at the opposing team, I ran backwards, landed on the outside of my left ankle, and fell to the ground onto my right wrist. I sat down and iced for a few minutes. Then, bored, I joined back in. It didn't hurt...
Can a chiropractor help wrist pain? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty if you present with right wrist pain, we are most likely going to work on your left wrist also...because it has probably... on the body, especially the low back, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands. The most common condition...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven What could cause swelling on outside of left wrist, there is no pain and when I lift my arm up it goes away? Follow @alvinblin
Sorry, but I'm not familiar with "open the pluster".  But if you have swelling & pain in your wrist, we worry about sprains, contusions, fractures & dislocations.  Best to go see your family physician
I also have the exact same thing. But it's on my left wrist. It's beginning spreading around my whole wrist. I've had it about a month now. I used to wear a bracelet but just recently took...
Ankle injuries are quite difficult--let's say that up front.  Having said that, it can take a long time to recover.  With regard to fractures and what you are feeling: Hairline fractures can skip detection in the first week
Ankle Sprains Weaken Your Butt! by Mark D. Healthy Living Professional to a sudden stop) also causes many ankle sprains. If you are moving to your left during a lateral shuffle...?! It is almost impossible to have a good workout when "your butt just isn't in it!" Research has proven that ankle sprains...
Your Questions Answered -- Wrist Pain by Diane C. Patient Expert to the Skribit technology on the left hand column of the blog, I'm able to take reader suggestions for post topics. You've asked, and now I want to answer. The first topic I'm going to tackle is wrist pain...

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Introduction ... st common locations for sprains are the ankle, knee, thumb, and wrist. What is a strain? A m ... » Read on
Prevention ... trains, then taping, strapping, or wrapping your knees, ankles, wrists, or elbows, can help while you are recovering from injury ... » Read on