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Left Side Stitch

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Ivan Basso left needing 15 stitches after crash in training by Tom H. Patient Expert immediately for treatment in Liguaglossa, where he received 15 stitches to his right cheek and his right eyebrow...
Ditch the Side-Stitch by Heather J. a side-stitch, which is nothing to worry about, but they're painful enough to put your running to a halt. If you get one in your right side, try exhaling as your left foot hits the ground. This has worked...
This community covers anxiety disorders and other mental health issues, Sophie. The posters at Wellsphere's General Medicine community should be able to provide a more authoritative answer.  Best wishes   Ian
Side Cramps by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven My side has been giving me problems lately. It is my left side, understandable.... I have an appointment with my NS on Tuesday to get my stitch out and to follow up. Not sure what the follow...
DBS, Round 2 by Sherri W. Patient ExpertHealth Maven to control the left side.   We arrived in Phoenix on the 11th of December. The next morning I arrived... on the right side which took twelve staples, unlike the stitches they used last time. The other incisions...
Dissolve, stitches, dissolve... by groovychik007 Patient ExpertFacebook My eyes seem to be getting there now. the right is fully healed but the left still has some tiny stitches that are refusing to budge and dissolve! They arent sore or anything but wondering why its taking...
P.Ravi Kumar, Are you also getting numbness and tingling into the fingers and hands? What about muscle weakness in the biceps and other related muscles?  It could be a cervical radiculopathy.
Hmmm . . . normally, I don't try to focus as much on a measurement as I do on the complaint.  In other words, I'm still struggling to figure out what made you measure your anterior pelvic tilt.  If your hip bothers you when y
Sounds like you have caused a strain in your jaw joint.  Depending upon you age-this could take a while to heal/return to normal.  Go see your dentist for an examination and a good diagnosis.  Your info is so sketchy that it
Hi Glenda, When you say "Siliac Sack"- are you meaning to say the Sacro-Iliac Joint ? That is a common area in the lower back that can have subluxation, causing pain, and also decreasing flexibility. Also know as the SI jo

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