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Left Foot Swelling Symptoms

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your question regarding the big lump and swollen foot?  If the pain is such that you can't walk or bear weight, then you need a medical evaluation.  If the swelling doesn't go away, then you need a medical evaluation...
to swelling in the feet. My feet swell also at times...right now my right foot is swollen and it hurts...The reason for swelling could be the onset of arthiritis in some cases..could also indicate water...
My Bad Foot by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven before I was really able to move my left foot. Then after my last surgery I wasn't able to move my foot... and put my foot up. It swelled a little bit. Not like in 7 th grade when I was walking home...
6 Signs And Symptoms That Could Signify A Sports Injury by Len S. Patient Expert , you can try placing your body weight on left foot and then the right foot. If you feel a difference while doing... to rule out the possibility of the same. 3. Swelling Most sports injuries result in swelling...
Swelling by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven I think I mentioned that before I left rehab they did a CT scan that showed swelling... and my sides are killing me from all the work they are doing coming up and down the stairs! My left arm...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven What could cause swelling on outside of left wrist, there is no pain and when I lift my arm up it goes away? Follow @alvinblin
, I would visit your doctor for a celiac blood test, to at least rule out the possibility.  I had similar symptoms, and I turned out to be Celiac and lactose intolerant. Good luck! Celiac could be the cause of those symptoms...
about being kicked by horses in the left leg, right?), you mention that your foot got swollen but you don't mention... swelling in your foot.   Regardless of grammar & punction, if the pain is such that you can't walk or...
and what your family physician is trained & allowed to do).   Abdominal swelling & discomfort accompanied...).  Diverticulitis could also present in a similar fashion but is more likely to be accompanied by fevers and left...
Hmmm . . . now that's an interesting one.  Several reasons for swelling but usually it's... affect the body equally on both sides such that if there's going to be any swelling...

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