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10 Things About Your Health You Can Tell Simply By Looking At Your Eyes [My Tribute to Bob Costas' Left Eye] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert , and swelling of your optic nerve. Crossed eyes can be another sign of bleeding in the brain, possibly.... There have been quite a few memorable moments from the 2014 Sochi Olympic games but let’s be honest, it’s Bob Costas’ Eye...
The new eyeSwell coming to an Apple Store near you… Never and Baclofen Kick up by Strapples Patient Expert with it like this off to the ophthalmologists office! COMING SOON TO AN APPLE STORE NEAR YOU!!! eyeSwell TECHNOLOGY EMBEDDED IN EVERY iPhone WILL MAKE YOUR EYES SWELL ON DEMAND IF YOU NEED IT TO GET OUT OF WORK OR SCHOOL… RELEASE DATE...
Hi, Lizmap, The pain behind your left eye at first made me think sinus or migraine pain, but the ear pain makes it sound like sinuses or an infection.  You should go to your doctor so that she or
#BlackFriday @HealthTechnica Read our aritcles with your left eye and read with right eye for FREE! by Jamie C. Patient Expert Some top articles for Black Friday: Technology Innovations for Under-Served and Under-Privileged Patients Medical Research in China What to look for in a Chief Medical Information Officer The benefits
What did the opticians tell you? Did your vision get worse?  How often does the stinging pain occur? 
I think you need to take your dog to an ophthalmologist. That discharge can be indicative of infection.
If you are asking whether you should get something checked, then you should. You won't regret it. As for what this might be anything from muscle spasm to something strange. See a doctor. It could be any number of things from
, then you need a medical evaluation.  If the swelling doesn't go away, then you need a medical evaluation...
such episodes should see their doctor to evaluate for more serious conditions. Your eye problem also sounds potentially serious - you should get your eyes checked for signs of trauma.
the the drainage system is blocked ("stones" can form). An eye doctor may be able to clear it with an instrument...

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Symptoms ... y and become painful. This organ is found under the ribs on the left side of your abdomen . If it is hit or damaged while tender ... » Read on
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