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I don't think this is related to an anxiety disorder, though no doubt it is causing you some anxiety. Your family physician should be able to determine the cause and be able to suggest a remedy. Best wishes Ian
on.  Musculoskeletal trauma could certainly explain stabbing pain w/movement of your right arm.  Rib fracture, costochondritis and/or bruised/strained intercostals could explain pain w/breathing...
pain in the right upper quadrant (under the ribs), even stuff that isn't typically associated w/pain in that area.  For instance, appendicitis typically starts around the belly button and then moves to the right...
I can't answer your question, Amiya. This is a forum for anxiety disorders and while your symptoms may result from stress, there are many possible physical causes too which need to be checked and ruled out. Were the antibiot
in your center chest and can travel to your left OR right arm, your jaw and neck.(but not...
?  Was it after you were driving...etc. This might help you and your doctor figure out what is causing it.  The upper right chest... always a good idea to get chest pain evaluated by a doctor. If you are a healthy, young active person...
Right ventricle . . . more intelligent than Left ? by Dr. Sangareddi V. Medical Doctor in the management of  cyanotic heart disease  when  the right side of the heart is underdeveloped. He  proved  RV... The right ventricle  is considered as a docile cardiac chamber with passive filling...
I’m having a nerve test to determine why my left brain and right leg are apparently not on speaking terms by Kevin L. Patient Expert So, here’s the deal with my running: My right leg goes every which-a-way because I’ve.... I know it doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it felt. My right leg would hit the ground and it just felt...
-- sometimes it feels as though it begins in back near kidney area and also along left side and ends right under ribcage... and right now it's lower front left under rib.  BTW, we just had dinner about 1/2 hour ago.  It seems to wax...
so we can figure out how we will pay? my dog has a muscle spasms on left side of his neck the vet prescribe... her go through this and he said its either a strain or something more serious like a disk displaced. He gave her a shot of steriods and it worked...

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Prevention ... Standing - you should stand upright, with your head facing forward and your back straight. Bal ... » Read on
How it is performed ... The most common position is the left lateral position. You lie on your left side and draw your k ... » Read on