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kouklaki Bronx, New York
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I love to eat. I love to run. I have a love/hate relationship with writing. Eat, Write, Run was... More
dr.vikram California
hi my name is vikram,i completed my mbbs course from government medical school in india...right... More

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Pain under the left side of your rib cage extending to your belly button could be above the belt... massages to try loosen up the abdominal fat ( i am skinny )   i noticed  the left side poking out alot...
pain in the right upper quadrant (under the ribs), even stuff that isn't typically associated w/pain... could actually irritate the liver capsule (causing right upper quadrant pain) and is then known as Fitz-Hugh...
up.    Another less welcome cause of pain in the right upper quadrant is HELLP syndrome or hemolysis, elevated liver... injury when I found out I was pregnant. Since finding out, I refused to take any pain relieving...
Have you been to an orthopedist to rule out tendon/tissue injury?  Otherwise, acupuncture can really help you.  Find a practitioner at
I don't think this is related to an anxiety disorder, though no doubt it is causing you some anxiety. Your family physician should be able to determine the cause and be able to suggest a remedy. Best wishes Ian
Front, back, both? Many of us would love to assist but you don't share enough information for a sound answer to be provided. Are you 20 or 70? Are you healthy or ill? Are you active or sedentary? Was this from your yoga pra
I suggest that you take a first response pregnancy test and see what it says...if you are still having symptoms you might want to make an appointment with your OB. Good Luck Sharon LaMothe
for the hip pain, rather than decreasing your anterior pelvic tilt.  Good luck!...
creates pain and fever). Drink lots of water, cranberry juice or take cranberry tablets.  You will likely...
The only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex.  End of story.  The only way to lower one's chances of becoming pregnant is to use at least one form of birth control, mechanical barrier, hormonal or otherwise.  Pulling

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How it is performed ... The most common position is the left lateral position. You lie on your left side and draw your k ... » Read on
Symptoms ... you think you may be pregnant again, you should see your doctor right away. They will be able to arrange an examination to deter ... » Read on